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July 2017

Past Due HOA Assessments

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In a perfect world, everyone would pay his or her fair share and everything would be just. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, and your HOA likely won’t be either. In most cases homeowners are generally good about paying their dues, but almost every community struggles with one or two homeowners who repeatedly fail to [...]

Home Buying Made Safe

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With the housing market booming in most communities, contractors can’t seem to build homes fast enough. Given the current real estate market, many buyers are skipping home inspections to expedite their offer and make it more desirable.  Since it’s not always advisable to skip this step, we encourage your HOA to share these seven tips [...]

June 2017

Your HOA and Home Repair Scams

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As the weather starts to draw people outside to plant flowers and make improvements, dodgy contractors and other types of business start targeting homeowners with scams and rip offs. A scammer will usually use some sort of fear tactic, suggesting that the problems are much worse and need to be dealt with immediately. Some may [...]

When Nature comes to Your Association

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Waking up to a chorus of cheerful birds or looking out your windows to a gecko sunbathing on a rock is something most of us enjoy. While we always encourage HOAs to enjoy the nature that surrounds their homes, it is never advisable to feed wild animals. While animals like birds are generally harmless, some [...]

May 2017

Insuring Your HOA Community

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If you or your board has ever wondered about HOA insurance and if your community needs it, the answer is YES! All it takes it is one accident and your community can be involved in expensive litigation and claims that can cost thousands or more. A proper insurance policy will protect your community, while helping [...]

Outdoor Spring Cleaning 101

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With spring in full swing, it’s time to start working on that spring cleaning checklist. While almost everyone has a list of indoor spring cleaning tasks, you don’t want to forget about the outside of homes and common areas. Here are some recommendations for your home: Repair Look around your neighborhood for any damage done [...]

Making Transparency a Priority in Your HOA Board

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Nothing will sink your HOA board faster than secrecy. While there are times when confidentially is necessary, most often HOA board business is public information and required to be easily accessible to homeowners. Boards should always focus on clear communication with open door policies to eliminate suspicion and resentment. Here is a list of the [...]

April 2017

ACC Improvement Reminders

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With spring on the horizon, and summer approaching just as quickly, now may be the time that you may want to start tackling home improvements or outdoor enhancements to your home. With this in mind, you want to ensure you follow the proper avenues to have any improvements approved. As a board member, you are [...]

Ice-Breakers and Group Cohesion

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For any group of people working together, teamwork and comradery is important. One of the best ways to establish those is with ice breakers. While they can run the gamut from silly to more personal, the goal is to increase the sense of cohesion. Here is a list of our favorites, try them in your [...]

December 2016

Types of Committees – Part 2

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Welcome back to our two-part series on committees. In the first post, we talked about how committees can benefit an HOA and how to organize them effectively. Today we are going to highlight the various types of committees and hopefully help you identify which are best suited to your needs. There are eight popular types [...]