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December 2016

Types of Committees – Part 2

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Welcome back to our two-part series on committees. In the first post, we talked about how committees can benefit an HOA and how to organize them effectively. Today we are going to highlight the various types of committees and hopefully help you identify which are best suited to your needs. There are eight popular types [...]

Five Things to Check for on Your Association’s Gate

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Just like anything, the only way to keep an automated gate, even a compliant one, in good working condition is to make sure it receives regular inspections by a qualified individual. While we recommended a professional be responsible for all gate inspections, it’s important for board members to have a basic understanding of what to [...]

November 2016

The Value of Committees – Part 1

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A well-managed community is a full time job, but it doesn’t have to be a burden. Instead of burdening the board and community managers with every HOA need, consider using volunteer-based committees. Like board members, volunteers from your community have the best interest of the neighborhood in mind. By leveraging their willingness to help out, [...]

Gated HOA Communities, New Safety Standards

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Gated homeowners association communities can be safer, which is why insurance companies often offer a discount to residents in gated communities. Some gated communities also offer a sense of exclusivity, but the same gate that makes your community desirable can also become a liability if it isn’t maintained properly. According to Liftmaster, one of the [...]

August 2016

Six Ways to Keep Your HOA Community Looking Good

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An HOA is a non-profit entity with the purpose of protecting, maintaining, enhancing, or preserving the common property of the development. As we’re all well aware, a home is a substantial investment. How can you help keep your community looking good for years to come? Here are some tips:   1)              Review and consider how [...]

Know your Duty as HOA Treasurer: 6 helpful tips 

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Your HOA board is responsible for many important decisions, but one of the most important responsibilities is maintaining the financial health of the association. Although each board member needs to participate in sound financial decision-making, no one is more responsible than the HOA treasurer. It is the treasure’s responsibility to protect the association’s assets, and [...]

July 2016

Rainwater Collection Systems Policies in Your Homeowners Association

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Texas had a very wet spring this year resulting in tremendous flooding, but this is not the norm. With the recent Texas drought fresh in everyone’s memory, many communities and individuals are eager to find alternate ways of ensuring they have easy access to water for things like irrigation and water features. Unlike those who [...]

Dealing with Squatters

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While the term “squatter” may make you think of crumbling buildings and homelessness, it can be a very real problem for well-kept and well-managed communities. Since dealing with squatters can be difficult, knowing the telltale signs and how to properly handle the situation is key. Here are some guidelines to help you navigate these tricky [...]

June 2016

Becoming a Landlord in an HOA Community

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Having a rental property can be a great way to add some supplementary income to your pocketbook. When that rental property is in a community with an HOA, it offers a lot of advantages for both you and your tenants, like keeping property values high (which benefits you) but also keeping community areas nice (which [...]