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Keep Your Association’s ducks in a row

Get your Ducks in a Row with Spectrum HOA Management

Wow the owners in your association with entrances that shine! Spending money on entry landscaping should be a priority.

Everyone wants a good return on investment. What does that mean, exactly? Well, it means that if you’re eating at a restaurant, you want good service, quality food, a nice atmosphere, a clean venue and an overall enjoyable experience. If you’ve got that, then you feel like your money was well spent and you received a good return on your investment. The same holds true for homeowners who pay association dues to live in their community. Homeowners want to see their money being put to good use.

It’s true that some expenses of a community are somewhat invisible. For example, a homeowner really can’t see that the water bill is being paid or the insurance premiums are current. However, a well manicured entrance that gets changed and updated often is a visible sign of where the money is being spent. The benefits of a spectacular entrance are many. A sampling of the reasons is listed below:

  • Homeowners can take pride in their neighborhood when the entrances are clean and beautiful. Some homeowners will actually want to maintain their own yards better when the association is professionally tending the entrances and other common areas.
  • Stunning entrances help homeowners sell their homes quickly and with a better chance for the full asking price. If a buyer has a choice between two neighborhoods, they will gravitate toward the association with the attractive entrances.
  • Research has shown that homeowners are more likely to pay their dues on time when they see the entrances renewed and refreshed frequently. When they see the return (nice flowers) on their investment (association dues), they feel like they’re getting more for their money and are willing to pay for the service.

The costs to keep the entrances maintained on a regular basis are not unsubstantial. In fact, they can be quite substantial considering the cost for the flowers, irrigation system, water, etc.! However, the benefits associated with an attractive entrance generally outweigh the costs involved. Remember, the entrance is like the “front door” of your community! If you want people to come in, relax and make themselves at home, the front door needs to be warm and inviting. Consult your Community Manager today for ideas on how to make your entrance showroom quality, and show your residents the return on their investment.

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