August 2022

June 2020

Sustainable and Edible Landscaping


Urban gardening is on the rise! Growing your own food is not just economical – it is delicious and can be entertaining and therapeutic. Many homeowners are eager to give it a try, but for

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February 2020

September 2019

August 2019

Retention Ponds in HOAs


What is a Retention Pond? While it may look like a regular water feature, a retention pond serves a much greater purpose. Growing communities are at increased risk of flooding and erosion damage from excess

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July 2019

HOA Safety and Security: Securing HOA Data


The thing we’re most passionate about at Spectrum Association Management is providing our customers with the best service possible. While there are many different facets to great customer service, today, we want to focus on

HOA Safety and Security: Securing HOA Data2021-09-09T12:59:42-05:00

March 2019

Is Sealcoating Worth It?


Some professionals believe that sealants protect and preserve asphalt surfaces, while others feel that sealants simply create layers of buildup that eventually contribute to cracking and water damage. This begs the question of whether sealcoating

Is Sealcoating Worth It?2021-09-09T13:02:22-05:00