We know that for so many HOA boards, meeting minutes are often viewed as complicated and a pain to deal with, but that doesn’t need be your board’s reality!

Taking thorough, efficient, and stress-free minutes is possible! Here are our top three recommendations guaranteed to help your board get a system in place, so taking minutes is something you no longer dread!

  1. Prepare ahead of time! Before the meeting even starts, prepare a meeting agenda. By knowing what is going to be discussed, your minute keeper is already one step ahead in collecting critical data.
  2. Develop a minutes template. Having a template allows you to fill in the blanks, saving the minute keeper a lot of time and allowing them to focus on including more important details.
  3. Consider audio/video recording. This approach helps take the pressure off! If the meeting gets railroaded or interrupted it can be difficult to keep track of the minutes, but with a digital record you can always go back and double check the facts.

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No matter what system you put in place to make taking minutes stress-free and effective, don’t lose sight of their importance. One of the biggest struggles we see communities face is lack of documentation – don’t let that happen to you! Although it can be time consuming and a bit dry, documenting and taking detailed and concise meeting minutes is critical in running a well-managed community.