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In your experience as a Dallas HOA board member have you ever encountered any of these five problems with your residential management company?

  •  Phone calls or emails not being responded to in a timely manner by your community manager or the Dallas HOA management companies they work for.
  • Projects or tasks that the board assigned to the community manager not getting done in a timely manner.
  • Financial reports not being distributed to board members on time – or reports with inaccuracies in them.
  • Problems with CC&R violation drives/walks being done consistently or accurately.
  • Turnover in community managers.

If you’ve had any of these problems with your Dallas HOA management company than it’s probably time for a change!

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Experience Refreshingly Different Service

We’ve got great news for you! Not every association management company in Dallas are guilty of the issues listed above. At Spectrum Association Management, we built our company to solve these common problems and to deliver a completely different experience for homeowners and board members.

Imagine what life would be like if your homeowners association was managed by a company that responded to phone calls and emails the Same Day! And, what if they committed to complete projects on time and had a track record of doing it for more than a decade?

Now, picture that you had access to innovative technology that allowed you to download financial packets to view on your computer or tablet. Imagine if that company did CC&R violation drives/walks using proprietary iPad technology that eliminated most mistakes and ensured homeowners received timely notification of violations including a picture of the problem?

It’s Not a Dream – It’s Real

The company we’re describing isn’t hypothetical. It exists today! At Spectrum, we’re structured differently. We realized years ago that the only way to solve the issues that plague all of our peers was to structure the company in a completely different way.

Instead of assigning every single task for more than a dozen neighborhoods to one community manager, we put the work on the backs of a team. This team is comprised not of office assistants but rather specialists who have extensively trained and experienced in areas like project management, site management, and bookkeeping.

The model of overloaded community managers is old and tired. It’s been proven over and over again that the model is broken. Yet, most HOA management companies, in Dallas Texas particularly, still use it. Fortunately, that’s not our style.

Communities Across Dallas Fort Worth Area

We serve communities across the Dallas, Fort Worth Area. Whether your HOA is in Frisco, Plano, Arlington, Lancaster, or River Oaks, our residential management team is ready to go to work for you.

In addition to providing Refreshingly Different customer service we’re often able to save communities a significant amount of money in unnecessary fees they were paying to their previous Dallas HOA management company. We’re interested in developing a long-term partnership with our clients not a short-term management agreement.

If you’re ready to make a change, replace your community manager in Fort Worth or Dallas, and ease your burden as an HOA board member than call our office today at (972) 992-3444 or click here to request a bid. The process takes ten minutes and we’ll have the information you need before you know it.

We’d love to put our incredible team of experts to work for your community!