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HOA Community Management Services in Houston, TX

Tell us if this sounds familiar to you at all: a homeowner in your Houston HOA community sees you at the mailbox and knowing you’re a board member asks if they can talk to you for a minute.
They then begin to unleash about how they’ve been wanting to paint their house for a month but their Houston community Management company still has not responded to their request for approval.

Or similarly, a few months ago at a board meeting you and the other board members asked your community manager to get three bids for upgrading the fence around the association pool. Now, two board meetings later you’re still hounding that manager to get you the information. Sound familiar?

It’s Time to End the Madness

We hear those stories every day in our Houston office as board members just like you call and ask us if we really can deliver better homeowners association management experience in Houston. The answer is yes!

We have dozens of communities from The Woodlands to Sugar Land to Katy to Baytown that would be happy to describe for you how life changed when they switched to Spectrum Association Management. And, we’d love to put you in touch with some of them so you can see why so many love the Spectrum Difference.

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We Do Things Differently

Let us describe how life changes after you switch to Spectrum Association Management. First of all, if you’re like most Houston HOAs, you’ve probably had several community managers in the last couple years. This is because they are put in a no-win situation, which often ends with them quitting and you still waiting for that next home improvement; fortunately, you can say goodbye to this, as well as the overworked and unresponsive community manager.

Spectrum is the only HOA management company in Houston that can promise you a Same Day Response for emails and phone calls. We can do that because we do more than allocate just one community manager to your association. We assign you a team of experts. You’ll have a community manager, a site manager, a bookkeeper, and others who will know your neighborhood backwards and forwards. So, when homeowners call in they won’t get a robot–they’ll get the information they need right away.

This means no more waiting weeks for approval to paint their house. This means financial documents are delivered to the board on time every time. This means when a homeowner has a question about their bill or a violation letter they received, they’ll be transferred to the person who can answer their question when they call in.

This means no headaches, and homeowners association management in Houston that you can trust.

We Ease Your Burden as a Board Member

Trust us; with Spectrum, your life as a Houston HOA management board member will get easier. Being on the board shouldn’t be a full or part-time job. It should require only a small amount of time. After all, you’re a volunteer, and we never lose sight of that fact. Our team works hard so you don’t have to.

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We Manage All Types of Houston HOAs

If you’ve had enough of lousy Houston community management services than why not take the simple step of requesting a bid for your community? It takes less than ten minutes. Call our office at (281) 343-9178 or click here to request a call back from a member of our team.

Spectrum is proud to serve all kinds of Houston single family associations from small neighborhoods to large communities with on-site staff. We have experience serving all types of communities and would love to go to work for you!