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HOA Management in Midland Designed With You in Mind

Living in a Midland or Odessa neighborhood with an HOA is great, but most people don’t realize how much effort it takes on the part of board members to keep their neighborhood in tip top shape. But at Spectrum, we do! We know that being a board member isn’t your only job. And we know that it’s not even a job you’re paid to do!

Every service we offer at Spectrum Association Management is designed to help make your job as a volunteer board member easier while making sure nothing in your community is overlooked. And it’s not just what we offer, but how we offer it that makes the biggest difference for board members just like you. If you’re ready for refreshingly different HOA management services, keep reading!

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4305 N. Garfield Ste 219
Midland, Texas 79705

Phone: (432) 253-8123
Fax: (210) 494-0887
Email: [email protected]

We Really Are One of a Kind

At Spectrum, we don’t just say we’re different than other HOA management companies. We mean it, and we show it every day!

We realized that the traditional approach of other HOA management companies in Midland and Odessa just weren’t built to give board members and home owners the service they were really paying for. We saw that assigning just one community manager to fulfill all the needed responsibilities and tasks was simply too much for one person to handle on their own. That’s why we created our team-based management approach that is a much needed, refreshingly different change for board members…just like a tall glass of cold ice tea on a hot summer day in Texas.

With our departmentalized service, you’re not just hiring a community manager. You’re hiring an entire team of professionals including a community manager, a site manager, a bookkeeper, and more who are all experts in what they do. Together, their goal is to provide you with a level of service you’ve never experienced with Midland HOA management services before, and to make sure nothing with your community falls through the cracks. Why have to deal with a community manager who has too many irons in the fire when you can have an entire team on your side?

For All Midland Communities

Expert HOA Management in Midland

Even though everything is bigger in Texas, no community is too big or too complex for us to handle! Whether you live in downtown Midland or in a neighborhood near Odessa, West Odessa, Gardendale, and beyond, Spectrum has a solution for you when it comes to association management. We provide refreshingly different service for communities throughout the State of Texas including Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, and Laredo. Whether your neighborhood only needs basic management services or a dedicated full-time staff on site, we make sure it’s all taken care of the right way, the first time.

Stop Waiting! Get The Service You’re Paying For


Waiting is so overrated. Our team at Spectrum knows you have a choice when it comes to Midland HOA management companies. When you choose us to manage your community, we work hard every day to keep your confidence in that choice. And part of that is making sure you don’t have to wait around for us!

We’re the only HOA management company in Midland to offer a same-day response guarantee for all phone and email communications…in other words, we put our money where our mouth is. We give your board and homeowners access to convenient online tools and live chat opportunities with our team members to get your questions answered quickly and effectively. We work fast to get projects approved and requests fulfilled. Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference. But at Spectrum, we include the big things, too.

Let Us Show You How We Can Make Your Job Easier

Volunteering as a board member shouldn’t rule your life. At Spectrum, we work hard so you don’t have to! Experience what it’s like to get your calls answered, your projects completed quickly, your financial reports delivered accurately and on time, and more.

Making the switch to Spectrum as your HOA management company in Midland is easy and only takes ten minutes! If you’re ready to experience our refreshingly difference service, call our office today at (972) 992-3444 or click here to request a bid.