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Is your community’s HOA management company making your life as a board member harder than it needs to be? Are they frustrating homeowners through their lack of response and incompetence? Has your current HOA management company simply failed to do the job you hired them to do? Don’t worry; we understand the feeling.

When You Became a Board Member

It sounded like a noble thing to do – becoming a board member for your HOA. So, when did it become such a pain? Why does it require so many hours of work and why is the HOA management company you’re paying to do all the work not getting anything done?

Why, when you or homeowners in your HOA call your community management company, do they always get funneled to voice mail, only to be forced to wait days before anyone gets back to them? Why do the agendas at every board meeting look the same with projects seemingly progressing at the slowest speed possible?

And, most importantly, why does your community have a new manager for the third time in 18 months?

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Experience Refreshingly Different Service

Every day, we hear from board members who are exhausted, frustrated, and in need of a company that can provide quality HOA management services in Phoenix. They’ve experienced some of the issues mentioned above and wonder if there is a better way.

At Spectrum Association Management in Arizona, we’re thrilled to let them – and you – know there is a solution to these HOA management companies that make your life as a board member harder rather than easier.

We discovered years ago that the model of assigning all tasks for more than a dozen communities to one community manager was a flawed. The manager gets overburdened and simply can’t keep up with all the phone calls, emails, and projects coming their way. The result is frustrated homeowners and board members who can’t get answers to their most basic questions. The community manager gets tired of all the complaints and quits their job. The association management company then hires a new, inexperienced person to take over the job. And, the process starts all over again.

A Different Kind of Arizona HOA Management Company

We have expert Arizona Community Management Services

We ditched the old model a long time ago and replaced it with one that involves a team of specialists who are experts in different areas. Instead of asking the community manager to handle all tasks associated with your neighborhood, we made the community manager the project manager and gave them a site manager to handle CC&R violations and architectural requests for your community. When a homeowner calls in wanting to paint their house, they don’t talk to the community manager, they get direct access to the site manager overseeing your neighborhood’s architectural requests.

Then, we took a bookkeeper and put them over the finances for your HOA. They know the bills coming in from vendors for your community backwards and forwards; better yet, they know who is behind on their assessments. This means real expertise on the financial end, and no more misplaced community managers fumbling there way through HOA accounting questions for the umpteenth time; the homeowner gets to talk directly to the expert, and that’s exactly what you want!

Everyone Gets to be Happy!

Experience Community Management happiness

The result of this structure is everyone on the team has time during the day to answer incoming calls and to respond to requests for information immediately. That’s how we’re able to deliver on our Same Day Response policy for emails and phone calls. The days of you or homeowners not getting a call returned are over.

Imagine if we partnered that level of service with the most innovative financical reporting software, iPad technology for CC&R violation walks/drives, and homeowner and board member portals that offer real-time financials, online bill pay, and tools you’ve never experienced before!

Plus, We Save You Money

Most of the associations in Phoenix that change their community management companies to Spectrum not only notice a dramatic difference in the level of customer service, they also save significant money in unnecessary fees they were paying to their previous HOA property management company.

If this sounds like what you’ve been looking for but you want to dig in a little deeper to make absolute certain, then please call our Phoenix-area office at (480) 719-4524 or click here to request a bid. The process is super fast and you’ll have a bid laying out the exact costs and services in your hands before you know it!

We can’t wait to show you what our team can do for your community, no matter if it’s in Scottsdale, Glendale, Gilbert, Chandler, Mesa, or anywhere in the Phoenix area!