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What Our Customers Say

We had been treated terribly by our previous HOA management company and had pretty much given up. Jared reviewed our account, found the discrepancies, and worked to get us a fair solution.

– Jessica K. | Villages of Langham Creek

Our neighborhood definitely provides challenges, but they always handle things with efficiency and grace. Our HOA management company has relieved a lot of the stress and work that our board previously dealt with on their own.

– Stephanie W. | La Cantera

They are very good at keeping the board updated on financial updates and community information unlike our past management companies.

– Bruce N. | Saddlebrook at Teall HOA

Bryan College Station Metropolitan Area Community Management Services

Legendary Customer Service

Sure, we’re an HOA management company (and a good one at that), but we're also experts in customer service. We love people, and we love finding refreshingly different ways to keep HOA board members, community managers, and homeowners happy. From our extended concierge hours and easy-to-access online services to our dedicated managers and talented teams, we’ve got the people and the processes in place to make every customer feel like they’re our favorite customer.

Focused on Single-Family Homes

We knew we couldn’t provide the level of quality we wanted if we tried to be a “do it all” kind of company. That’s why we decided to zero in on communities of single-family homes. By focusing our efforts, we’ve become experts in the single-family home market, which means we know the ins, the outs, the ups, and the downs of these neighborhoods. Why be a jack-of-all-trades when you can be the master of one?

Unparalleled Communication

Listen, sometimes it’s hard to get your own mother to call you back, let alone your HOA management company. That’s why we’re committed to top-notch communication. We offer same business-day responses for calls and emails, plus regular financial updates (You don’t even have to ask!). You can also expect total transparency when it comes to project bids and timelines. Basically, we’re a well-oiled communication machine. So while you’re waiting for Mom to call back, feel free to drop us a line.

Get A Community Manager Based In The Bryan College Station Area With A Team of Experts.

We believe that when our people are happy, your people are happy. That’s why we don’t overwhelm our community managers by making them fly solo or handle tons of communities at once. Instead, you get a dedicated manager supported by teams of people who are experts in specific areas of HOA management. Those teams are available and ready to tackle community concerns when and where they arise. You get the advice and help of the experts, our managers get the support they need, and your community is all the better for it. Win, win, win.

What to really look for in a community association management company

  • How many properties are assigned to a community manager?

    We only assign 5-8 communities to a community manager

  • What do their customers say about them?

    Feel free to look through our testimonials page and Google reviews

  • How well do they treat their employees?

    We’re consistently voted one of the top places to work, and we’re positively reviewed on career sites.

  • Do they respond the same day when you call or email them?

    There is never an excuse for ignoring customers. At Spectrum, homeowners and board members alike receive a same-day response.

  • Do they specialize in communities like yours?

    If your community management company specializes in everything, then they specialize in nothing. Our focus gives us the ability to provide you with excellent service.

  • What kinds of reporting and communication standards do they offer?

    We are a communication company that happens to work for HOAs. Rest assured, you will face no gaps in communication working with us.

Serving Communities Across the Bryan College Station Area

Welcome to Aggieland! Bryan-College Station is the home of beautiful weather, great education opportunities, and roughly 255,000 of the friendliest people you'll ever meet. With a laid-back vibe, miles and miles of beautiful parks, and a location convenient to larger cities, it's no wonder that the Bryan-College Station area is a popular place to live. And its beautiful neighborhoods are yet another draw, for students and families alike.

Those neighborhoods need HOAs, and those HOAs need to be managed well in order to truly succeed. The problem is that managing an HOA isn't all that easy. It requires constant attention, great communication, and a lot of industry expertise. Too many management companies don't meet the mark. They overwork and overwhelm their managers, which ultimately ends with the communities being neglected and HOA board members feeling cheated.

HOA Management Services Your Community Needs For A Fair Price

If finding a decent HOA management company in Bryan-College Station was as easy as knowing who to cheer for at Kyle Field, then you wouldn't need Spectrum Association Management.

Spectrum is your option for refreshingly different HOA management in Bryan-College Station. We're committed to giving you the service you want and need, and we've figured out how to do just that. With airtight processes and consistent training, we're able to bring stability and efficiency to your HOA. And, our managers only handle a few communities at a time, with teams of industry experts supporting them every step of the way. It all adds up to a better experience for you and your homeowners.

So, if your Bryan-College Station community could use a little refreshing, give Spectrum a call. You can reach us at 979-314-4220 to get a bid in less than 10 minutes, or you can fill out our online form to get things going. We look forward to working with you!

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