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Tips for HOA Board Members

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Board meetings should be productive, efficient meetings where the board conducts business. Stop and think about that for a minute. Are your meetings productive and efficient? Does the board meet to conduct business or socialize? Are you getting the most out of your meetings?

We’ve put together 7 keys to a successful board meeting. Following these suggestions can bring new life to your association and keep volunteers interested in helping.

We’ve all driven past neighborhoods that look horrible. The pool is closed and empty. The tennis courts are cracked and weeds are growing up through the asphalt. The roof is caving in on the clubhouse, and the perimeter fence looks like it’s about ready to fall down. More than likely, these associations failed to create a reserve fund to replace and maintain the association’s common property. Learn more about how you can plan for the future.

Wow the owners in your association with entrances that shine! Spending money on entry landscaping should be a priority.

Everyone wants a good return on investment. What does that mean, exactly?