Associations trust Spectrum to provide fantastic service options to homeowners and boards. Spectrum’s Refreshing Different Service is now available to you in the Spectrum HOA Mobile App.

The Spectrum HOA App includes the same Refreshingly Different elements as your association website and even grants seamless integration with your already registered account. Forget the hassle of loading your desktop to handle association business. Featuring a convenient homeowner dashboard and handy functionality for board members, Spectrum HOA allows our customers to take association membership into your own hands—literally.

HOA App Demo

Download the App Now:

For Apple users:

Visit the iOS app store, search “Spectrum HOA”, and install the app.

For Android users:

Visit the Google Play store, search “Spectrum HOA”, and install the app.

Open the app and simply log in using the same username and password you normally use to log in to your association website.

Haven’t registered for your association website, you can register via the Spectrum HOA App.

Upgrade your HOA experience and Download the Spectrum HOA App today!