Closing Documents

We’ve partnered with HomeWise Docs to offer a convenient process for ordering and delivering resale disclosures, refinance disclosures, and other closing documents. Creating an account is easy and you can start utilizing the system immediately. HomeWise representatives are also available to help with any questions you may have by calling toll free.

Resale Package

A resale package is a packet of vital information provided to those purchasing a condominium or a home in an association. The package includes a complete set of recorded documents that govern your association. The Resale Package may vary from state to state.

Refinance Statement of Account Only

A mortgage refinance is when you are replacing your current mortgage with a new loan. This may be done to achieve a lower interest rate, payment, or repayment term.
This can also be done to draw cash from your home’s equity.

Disclosure Packet
(Arizona Only)

A disclosure packet provides you financial information for the association, the governing documents or rules of the association, statement of account and the certificate of insurance. In Arizona, these fees are charged at the time of closing per statutory requirements.

What is a Questionnaire?

Lenders may require a questionnaire to be completed with information regarding your association. Often, a custom questionnaire provided by your lender will need to be completed; however, a stock questionnaire is also available for purchase. Questionnaire orders will include the questionnaire of choice, as well as an association budget and balance sheet and the association’s certificate of insurance.

Base Price

  • 6 Business Days

Rush Order A

  • 3 Business Days

Rush Order B

  • 1 Business Days

Custom Form A

  • 6 Business Days

Custom Form B

  • 3 Business Days

Custom Form C

  • 1 Business Days

Transfer Fees

This is a fee paid by the buyer of a property at the time of closing.  It is a fee paid to Spectrum as a result of transferring the ownership from the seller to the buyer within our HOA servicing system.  It is the same regardless of association or type of property.






If the property being sold is bank owned as a result of a foreclosure action, the bank owned property packet should be ordered which typically includes the following documents:

  • Statement of Account
  • Budget
  • Current Unaudited Financial Documents
  • CCRs
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Bylaws
  • Unit Ledger
  • Insurance Dec Page
  • W9

Bank Owned Property Packet