Property Improvement

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You’ll Need Approval If You Are:

Updating Your Home’s Look

Fill out a property improvement form to get your exterior modification project approved!

Painting your home? Installing lights, cameras, or gutters? The requirements for any exterior modification are generally included in your HOA’s covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&Rs). You can find your HOA’s CC&Rs by logging into your HOA-specific website or downloading the SpectrumApp on your phone.

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Adding Something New

Hoping to give your landscaping a facelift? Do you want to build your very own 10×10 she shed? Looking to add outdoor fun with a patio, pool, playscape, or sports area?

HOA documents require homeowners to seek approval from their review committee prior to installing or removing anything on the property. Getting approval at the onset of project planning and knowing that the design meets the HOA guidelines allows you to make potential large purchases with confidence!

Building a new home? Congratulations! Start here to submit design plan documents and your community’s coordinator will contact you about next steps and additional HOA specific needs.

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Repairing Any Damage

Even with routine maintenance, being exposed to the elements can impact your fencing or home exterior. The weather inevitably causes damage from time to time. When the expected or unexpected happens, everyone in the neighborhood should get approval for repairs using the HOA’s CC&Rs as their guide.

Spectrum and your HOA’s review committee are committed to quickly helping you get your home repaired. If your HOA has signed up for Spectrum’s ACC One-Touch program, we can often improve the speed with which project approvals are made. Not sure if your HOA has ACC One-Touch? When you make your property improvement request, you’ll be notified if your HOA has opted-in for this service.

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Common Property Improvement Types That Require A Submission

Are there any other instances when I will need to submit a property improvement request?

Please submit a request if you are modifying anything on your home or in your yard, even if you are replacing using identical materials. Your community CC&Rs will outline any exceptions that can be made for submission.

Ready to submit a request? It’s quick and easy!

When you select the property improvement type you need in the form, improvement-specific information needs will pop up. We want to help you by gathering the information your HOA’s review committee needs to approve your request, fast!

Not all property improvements have the same required supporting documents. By tailoring the needed information and documents we can efficiently help the committee determine if the request meets to the HOA requirements for that type of request.

While we try and gather all needed information in one go, we may need to contact you for clarification or more detail during the review process. Some HOA’s also require review fees, deposits, or other forms to be collected. If so, we’ll reach out ASAP!

You can expect to have your request processed and loaded into your homeowner account within three business days of submitting your request. We will contact you via your submission email to confirm the request has been sent for committee review and provide a timeline for committee decision. From there, it is super easy to check the status of your request online or on the SpectrumApp!

Property Improvement Application