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Expert Advice

Say goodbye to the sounds of crickets chirping when you ask “How do we handle this?” Our proprietary and robust training system means our employees are experts in their work. When you need guidance, we provide it.

Consistent Compliance

You won’t have to wonder if the rules are being enforced. Our different approach and transparent systems take the hassle out of staying on top of rules enforcement.

Different Approach. Better Experience.

Spectrum reverses the typical HOA management company model. We staff and structure different so you have a better experience.

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Our Oddballs are committed to providing you and your neighbors with a reply to any messages the same day.

“Odd” Interactions

We call ourselves Oddballs. We seek out and hire the do gooders, the dreamers, the innovators, the service driven, and the get-it-done types. Our culture is unique and so is the great service you receive.

Financial Transparency

Our unique structure allows us to reliably provide you with your monthly financial statements when you expect them.

How Spectrum Works

Happy Employees: 92.2% of our employees rate themselves as engaged.
Happy employees = better service.

Consistently Rated One of the Best Places to Work!

We’ve won 14 Best Places to Work awards—and counting. Not only that, but we regularly place in the top 10.

Oddballs challenge boring corporate culture and love making work not feel like….work. With an emphasis on owning who you are, a belief that problems are not permanent, and an environment that values freedom through accountability and empowerment – you will find our culture refreshing.

HOA Management Blog

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Subscribe to Our Blog!

Get the latest community association news, trends, and best
practices delivered to you in a convenient email.

What Does an HOA Management Company Do?

Great question.

Generally, your HOA management company makes board members’ lives easier and makes sure the community is properly maintained.

Spectrum Association Management is an HOA management company that ensures your community is well-cared for and that guidelines are being followed to ensure a safe, comfortable living experience for community members. In most cases, HOA board members are members of their community that could make it hard for them to ask neighbors to make changes to comply with rules.

Homeowners typically pay dues to be part of a homeowner’s association with the idea that common areas and developments will be dealt with by those dues. Areas such as community clubhouses and playgrounds, infrastructure, and more are generally considered community property and also fall within the responsibility of the HOA board. The HOA management staff relieves board members of having to face neighbors about offenses, but there are a multitude of services that go far beyond interacting with homeowners on behalf of the board.