Community Pool Access


To gain access to your community pool after purchasing or registering your access card, place the access card flat on the card reader. You will hear a beep, or a green light will turn on; open the pool gate immediately, as the gate only releases for a short time for you to enter.

Is your community pool open today? Log on to your homeowner page and verify the pool rules and hours under the documents section of your association’s website.

Pool card not responding?
If the card does not respond at all when placing on the reader during pool hours, the card may be demagnetized or otherwise damaged and a new card will need to be purchased. Please log into your account to find instructions on purchasing a pool card for your community. If the reader does respond or beep, but does not open, then your card may no longer be registered or been deactivated for another reason. If this is the case, please contact us at [email protected] and we will check the status and give you instructions on what may need to be done to resolve the issue.

Note: Some communities will remove access to some amenities including the pool if there is a past due balance on your account.  If you are unable to access the pool, please check your account and ensure all amounts owed have been paid.


Most communities do not require you to re-register an existing pool card. Unless you have received an email from your association telling you registration is required, then your existing pool card should work just fine! Simply visit the pool when it is open and enjoy! If you are not sure, please log into your account and navigate to the pool information page. If your association requires registration, instructions will be there.

Standard Shipping: Order mailed via USPS within 24 hours of ordering; cost included in order total.
In-Office Pickup: Order will be ready by 4:00 p.m. on same business day; cost included in order total. Orders placed after 3:00 p.m. today will be ready the next business day. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (excluding holidays).
Rush Shipping: Orders placed by 4:00 p.m. on business days will be sent the same day with expedited shipping; $10 additional.

Community Gate Access


Homeowners can request a custom gate code for events or contractors. As a homeowner, you, your guests, and vendors you authorize may gain access into the community the following ways:

A gate access code that is a numeric sequence that can be programmed into the entry gate. It is recommended to share this code only with members of your family or household. Contact Spectrum Association Management immediately if you believe your code has been compromised by emailing us at [email protected]. To request a new code or change your code, please complete the Gate Code Request/Change Form.

The directory lists homeowners who have requested that their name be shown on the keypad at the entry gate. Guests or vendors will find your name on the keypad and press the designated button, and then the system will dial the phone number programmed for you. Once you answer the call, press 9 to grant access to the caller, or press 5 to deny access. After either selection, the call will be disconnected. If you elect to be placed in the directory, only your name will be shown on the keypad for visitors to view. To add your name to your gate directory, please complete this Gate Directory Request Form

You may also purchase a remote to activate the entry gate. Please login to your account and navigate to the Amenities page to find instructions on purchasing a gate remote online. Please note that remotes are optional and entry by gate access code or directory listing is free of charge for all homeowners.