How Your HOA Can Celebrate the Holiday Season While Maintaining Social Distance

The holiday season is upon us! While 2020 has been unpredictable, one thing is certain – holiday cheer is needed now more than ever! So, how can your HOA celebrate the holiday season safely? At SpectrumAM, we’ve put together a list of creative ideas to help your association create a festive atmosphere throughout the community while maintaining social distance.


Photo Booth

Sitting on Santa’s lap during a pandemic is not likely an idea anyone wants to entertain, and some families may be hesitant to book a photographer due to social distancing guidelines. Yet, everyone loves a good picture to mark holidays and special occasions! Why not construct a temporary photo booth location in the community where families can stop for a quick picture? The possibilities are endless, depending on the materials you choose to use. The background can be simple or elaborate – from a winter wonderland complete with hanging icicles to Santa’s sleigh to a home and hearth theme, the HOA can get creative!

Scavenger Hunt

For both the young and the young at heart, a scavenger hunt is a fun way to provide residents with distraction. If your board isn’t up to hosting a traditional scavenger hunt throughout the neighborhood, one alternative is to host an at-home scavenger hunt by having residents sign up for the event and posting the activity on the HOA’s Facebook or other social media page. Participants can post pictures or videos as they complete the hunt, and the winners will be awarded prizes and bragging rights.

Holiday Car Parade

With temperatures dropping, it may not be feasible to do much outdoors. Why not host a community car parade with holiday decorations? Encourage residents to participate by offering prizes for various categories such as most festive, most original, Santa theme, and more!

Decorate the Drive

For homeowners with little ones, decorating the driveway or sidewalk in front of their home with chalk is a simple, safe, and fun way to spread a little holiday cheer to neighbors passing by. The best part? It’s temporary and washes away easily with no messy clean up!

Host an Online Holiday Book Club or Game Competition

With most families participating in virtual schooling or working remotely at this time, it’s not hard to set up a video call using one of the popular platforms, such as Zoom. For these two ideas, the board can schedule a specific date and time by announcing via the association’s website or newsletter to host an online holiday book reading or game competition for residents to participate in. These activities can be geared toward children or adults (or both)! This is a great way to see your neighbors’ friendly faces while social distancing.

Compile a Community Potluck Cookbook

Let’s face it – the traditional Christmas cookie exchange or potluck may not be such a great idea this year. However, that doesn’t mean neighbors can’t share their favorite dishes! Why not ask members to submit their favorite holiday recipes to compile a list of the HOA’s favorites? Even better, encourage neighbors to make one another’s recipes during their holiday celebrations and share pictures and compliments in the next community newsletter. What a great (and tasty) resource to use for years to come!


While this year has been a bit of a challenge for many, we can’t let that steal holiday spirit! It’s possible to have fun with neighbors and loved ones and stay safe at the same time. If 2020 has shown us anything, it’s how adaptable and resilient we all are! There are still plenty of creative ways to celebrate the season, and we hope your board found an idea or two to use to help members have a happy holiday in your HOA!