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October 2020

The Purpose of HOAs


The Purpose of HOAs Have you ever wondered why we have homeowners’ associations? Are they necessary? What are the benefits of living in an HOA? In this article, we’ll answer those questions, and more.

The Purpose of HOAs2020-10-19T14:18:02-05:00

How to Avoid HOA Violations


How to Avoid HOA ViolationsHOA’s are responsible for protecting the property values of the community. To do this, the board must enforce certain rules and restrictions. While some may find this to be a bit

How to Avoid HOA Violations2020-10-19T14:23:34-05:00

Political Signs in the HOA


Political Signs in the HOA With fall 2020 comes another presidential election cycle, making political signs an especially timely topic this year. To assist the board in supporting its community fairly and with empathy

Political Signs in the HOA2020-10-19T14:44:56-05:00

Social Committees and Your HOA


Social Committees and Your HOA Are you looking to increase engagement within your community? Or do you simply want to help create a community that your fellow homeowners love calling home? It can be

Social Committees and Your HOA2020-10-19T14:53:12-05:00

Accounting for Reserves


Accounting for HOA Reserves Every homeowners’ association needs to have reserve funds set aside to help properly maintain the community and its facilities. Reserve funds are kept for major improvements to the association as

Accounting for Reserves2020-10-19T14:55:46-05:00

September 2020

Preparing Your HOA for Tax Season


Preparing Your HOA for Tax Season As the end of the year approaches, we will soon be entering tax season. To help your board prepare for this busy time, SpectrumAM has put together some

Preparing Your HOA for Tax Season2020-10-19T14:57:31-05:00

Why HOAs Should Follow CDC Guidelines


Why HOAs Should Follow CDC Guidelines In a recent article for Crisis Management Update, Employment Law Attorney Stephen Scott warned that businesses who ignore or misapply federal guidance on COVID-19 mitigation may be making

Why HOAs Should Follow CDC Guidelines2020-10-15T12:31:43-05:00
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