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August 2023

Time for Back to School


Summer vacation is slowly coming to an end, and back-to-school season is already here.  You may be wondering what heading back to school and your HOA have in common, and it’s more than you

Time for Back to School2023-09-20T12:55:12-05:00

Chickens and Your HOA


It’s no secret that owning chickens remains a hot topic within HOAs across the country, but many people have a lot of fear around the idea. Whether it be noise, smell, property value, or

Chickens and Your HOA2023-08-25T16:51:00-05:00

HOA Documents Hierarchy


As a board member, we know that you’re bound by the official documents that your HOA operates under. While things generally run smoothly, there may come a time where something comes up and one

HOA Documents Hierarchy2023-08-11T12:37:29-05:00

July 2023

Your Guide to Extreme Hot Weather


Living in Texas and Arizona, we are no strangers to scorching summers. With temperatures soaring and heatwaves becoming increasingly common, it's essential for you to be well-prepared and take necessary precautions to stay safe and

Your Guide to Extreme Hot Weather2023-07-26T14:39:07-05:00

June 2023

May 2023

Handling Vandalism in Your Community


HOAs want nothing more than to create healthy, happy, safe, and clean communities. But too often, things happen that are out of the control of the HOA and may put this vision in jeopardy. Case

Handling Vandalism in Your Community2023-05-25T18:23:36-05:00

Responsibilities of an HOA Management Company


When a community is seeking an HOA management company, their first step will be learning what the management company is responsible for. Understanding which duties the board will continue to oversee, versus which tasks can

Responsibilities of an HOA Management Company2023-05-25T18:16:18-05:00

April 2023

Practicing Proper Pool Etiquette


Get ready to cannonball your way into summer because pool season in your HOA is almost here, and it's time to make a splash (or a big belly flop, your choice)! Whether you're gearing up

Practicing Proper Pool Etiquette2023-04-20T17:57:28-05:00