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May 2021

What is an ACC and What Do They Do?


What is an ACC, and What Do They Do? In any successful HOA, it’s important that architectural changes adhere to the standards and aesthetics of the community. In a smaller association, this responsibility is often

What is an ACC and What Do They Do?2021-05-06T19:06:59-05:00

April 2021

Preventing HOA Selective Enforcement


Preventing HOA Selective Enforcement It’s no secret that along with the perks of HOA membership, homeowners are subject to rules and regulations that they are required to follow. It is the board’s responsibility to enforce

Preventing HOA Selective Enforcement2021-04-19T17:42:18-05:00

Legal Rights of HOA Homeowners


Legal Rights of HOA Homeowners Living in an HOA has many benefits, but also requires homeowners to abide by certain rules, guidelines, and expectations. The HOA has the authority to enforce the rules, and it’s

Legal Rights of HOA Homeowners2021-04-19T17:34:19-05:00

Moving Out of Your HOA


Moving Out of Your HOA   Along with the many benefits, there is typically a long list of responsibilities attached to living in a homeowners association. This is often a high priority for buyers to

Moving Out of Your HOA2021-04-19T17:19:49-05:00

How to Be Heard at Your HOA Meeting


How to Be Heard at Your HOA Meeting Homeowners’ associations are businesses, so their board meetings should be considered as  business meetings and run accordingly. However, many states have no statutory requirements that certain parliamentary

How to Be Heard at Your HOA Meeting2021-04-19T17:15:39-05:00

March 2021

When to Use Legal Counsel for an HOA


When to Use Legal Counsel for an HOA When people think of obtaining legal advice, a specific image often appears you sitting across from a cigar-chomping man in an expensive suit. However, competent, ethical legal

When to Use Legal Counsel for an HOA2021-02-10T13:14:07-06:00

What are HOA Deed Restrictions?


HOA Deed Restrictions Much of the appeal of living in an HOA community comes from the unified, consistent, and pleasant atmosphere maintained by the homeowners’ association. However, sometimes the very rules benefitting you can also

What are HOA Deed Restrictions?2021-02-05T15:41:21-06:00

HOA Trends for 2021


HOA Trends for 2021 To say that 2020 was unpredictable would be an understatement. Businesses around the world were forced adapt to difficult situations and challenging restrictions. HOAs were no exception: COVID-19 brought unforeseen policy

HOA Trends for 20212021-04-19T13:23:08-05:00
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