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July 2021

Make the Most of Your HOA Amenities


Make the Most of Your HOA Amenities Some of the best benefits of living in an HOA community have to do with the amenities offered to members of the association. These benefits can make the

Make the Most of Your HOA Amenities2021-07-22T13:20:31-05:00

A Homebuyer’s Guide to HOAs


A Buyer’s Guide to HOAs Although HOAs are growing in popularity, many buyers are hesitant to join, fearful of the authoritarian reputation HOAs tend to have, and uneducated on what to expect when purchasing a

A Homebuyer’s Guide to HOAs2021-07-22T13:13:33-05:00

How to Avoid Common HOA Violations


How to Avoid Common HOA Violations Enjoying the benefits of living in an HOA is a two-way street. You must abide by the association’s rules to make the most of your membership. There have been

How to Avoid Common HOA Violations2021-07-22T12:41:41-05:00

June 2021

6 Tips for Effective HOA Leadership


Tips for Effective HOA Leadership Serving on your HOA’s board of directors can be a rewarding and challenging experience. HOA governments are unique in that board members are unpaid volunteers. Not surprisingly, this means that

6 Tips for Effective HOA Leadership2021-06-28T18:10:07-05:00

Proactive HOA Budgeting


Proactive HOA Budgeting Every year, the HOA board must approve an annual budget for the association. And, sometimes, because of too many busy weeks and complex personal schedules, the board may feel like they’re just

Proactive HOA Budgeting2021-06-28T18:01:28-05:00

How to Create and Solicit an RFP for an HOA


How to Create and Solicit an RFP Many community projects can become complicated quite quickly. Creating a request for proposal (RFP) can both help the HOA identify exactly what it wants from a project, as

How to Create and Solicit an RFP for an HOA2021-06-28T17:58:08-05:00

HOA Financial Statement Requirements


HOA Financial Statement Requirements Among the many records that a homeowners association must keep, the financial statement is definitely an important one. Residents invest in the community through their fees and assessments, and they have

HOA Financial Statement Requirements2021-06-03T18:23:33-05:00

May 2021

Why HOA Board Training is Important


Why Board Training is Important HOA board members are valuable community volunteers with a very important job. As homeowners with various educational and employment backgrounds, it is critical that volunteer board members are trained and

Why HOA Board Training is Important2021-05-06T19:16:50-05:00

Senior Housing Trends in 2021


Senior Housing Trends As Baby Boomers age, the demand for affordable senior housing continues to rise. No longer the biggest fad, independent living facilities are seeing a decline in popularity. Aging homeowners are looking for

Senior Housing Trends in 20212021-05-06T19:12:26-05:00
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