Ready to fill out the property improvement application?

We are here to help you get started on needed repairs as quickly as possible.

Are you planning routine or preventative replacement or repair of your lot? Are you needing to repair or replace part of your home or lot due to storm damage? Remember to obtain approval from your association’s review committee before you start your repairs!

Spectrum will partner with your Board and Committee after any weather events to ensure rapid processing for storm related damage. For HOAs utilizing our One Touch service we can often provide responses on identical replacements within one business day of submission.

Occasionally, your board may elect to waive approval requirements if a storm causes wide-spread damage to a community provided certain requirements are met. This happens on a case-by-case basis, however, and in our experience is very rare. If your community falls into this category, your board will be in communication with you and your fellow homeowners about the next steps.

What types of repairs require ACC approval?

  • Replacing a roof.

  • Fixing any broken facia or other damage to the home’s outside appearance.

  • Replacing or upgrading windows

  • Replacing or repairing broken or damaged fences.

Ready to submit your application?

When you select the property improvement type you need in the form, improvement specific information needs will pop up. We want to help you by gathering the information your HOA’s review committee needs to approve your request, fast!

Not all property improvements have the same required supporting documents. By tailoring the needed information and documents we can efficiently help the committee determine if the request meets to the HOA requirements for that type of request.
While we try and gather all needed information in one go, we may need to contact you for clarification or more detail during the review process. Some HOA’s also require review fees, deposits, or other forms be collected. If so, we’ll reach out ASAP!

You can expect to have your request processed and loaded into your homeowner account within one business day of submitting your request. We will contact you via your submission email to confirm the request has been sent for committee review and provide a timeline for committee decision. From there, it is super easy to check the status of your request online or on the SpectrumApp!