Maybe you’re new to living in an HOA community, or maybe you’ve lived in one for a long time and think it is time to get more involved. Either way, you’re probably wondering if you have what it takes to serve on an HOA board. You might be surprised to learn that most HOA board members are regular people just like you!


Although the commitment required to serve on an HOA board is nothing to scoff at, you do not have to have a degree in HOAs or even any prior experience to be elected to a board. As serving on an HOA board is a volunteer position, most other people serving on the board will likely have their own jobs and lives outside of the board. All you need are ideas on how to improve your community and a willingness to serve!

But what do you get out of it? Here are some valuable returns you can get from deciding to serve your community on an HOA board:

Have a Platform to Share Your Opinion

One of the great things about the volunteer nature of serving on an HOA board is the variety of backgrounds the board members will come from. You will certainly have insights and ideas all your own that other members of the board might not have thought of.

Make More Friends Within Your Community

Spending time on an HOA board will help you get to know not just other board members, but also other homeowners. These people will likely come to you to share their ideas and you can grow great friendships in the community as your neighbors show their appreciation for the services you perform for them.

Inspire Others

Having a new voice and a fresh set of eyes on an HOA board can inspire others to join or remind current members why they wanted to serve in the first place! Joining your HOA board can revitalize excitement in your community as they remember the dreams they had for the direction of your community.

Understand the Problems Facing Your Community

Sometimes one of the most valuable insights gained from board service is seeing the problems board members are facing and are doing their best to work around. Having a new perspective can help you gain a greater appreciation for your board members.

Direct the Future of Your Community

A community’s board of directors has the primary say in what they want their community to become. Having a seat on the board means you get a say in the direction your community chooses to head, which is a huge deal – especially if you plan to live in the community for a significant time!

Add Value to Your Community

Your invested time in your community will most often pay back in actual dollars as the work that you put in to improve the area you live in can raise your property value, and overall make it a more pleasant place to live.

Have a Say in the Budget

The more time you put into serving your community on a volunteer basis, the more money they can save from having to pay someone else to do it. Your board can then put the money saved into more community events, amenities, and other features you might like to have.

Unsurprisingly, all of these perks are things that can help you in many areas of life, not just within service on the board. Many people use qualities gained from their time volunteering to be better in their jobs, home lives, and social circles.


Perhaps the biggest benefit of all of these is that while your service can be done selflessly, it ultimately makes life better for you, your family, and all of your neighbors. That’s worth the time as much, or more, than any other hobby!
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