How to Maintain Curb Appeal
Neighborhoods with plenty of curb appeal tend to maintain property values better. Surprised? No, we didn’t think you would be. While it is obvious that well-kept homes, yards, and common areas help neighborhoods stay desirable, it’s hard work keeping neighborhoods in like-new condition!

Here are six tips to help you get started!

1. Tidy up!

Organize a spring cleanup with residents and provide a snack…free food is an amazing incentive! A neighborhood-wide clean up is a great way to build neighborhood camaraderie and keeps homeowners invested in their neighborhood’s curb appeal. This is also an ideal time to share guidelines related to landscaping and front-yard decorations (or clutter…no neighborhood wants to show up on an episode of Hoarders!).

2. Create a sense of community.

No, we’re not talking about the overly friendly neighbor behavior seen on some TV shows! Instead think beautiful outdoor spaces for residents to enjoy. Neighborhoods that boast some of the best curb appeal are also the ones who focus on giving residents beautiful outdoor areas they can enjoy. Hiring a landscaping company who can help you create outdoor ambiance will help ensure your common areas are so much more that poorly watered, weed-riddled-grassy areas.

3. Communicate with residents.

While snail mail may seem old fashion, sending a quarterly or semi-annual newsletter to residents is a great way to track them down (you know their address, after all), and remind them of policies related to outdoors improvements and changes. Oftentimes homeowners don’t purposely break HOA policies, they simply weren’t aware of them.

4. Check outdoor lighting.

Stumbling around a dark neighborhood isn’t generally something people like to do, unless they are a burglar. Take the time to make sure all common-area lights are in working order, and encourage homeowners to check their outdoor lights, too. Well-lit neighborhoods are more welcoming and safer.

5. Organize a neighborhood watch.

We know what you’re thinking, and no…it’s not just nosey old ladies spying out their widows. When residents watch out for themselves and their neighbors, it reduces the risk of shenanigans (think mischievous teenagers with a Costco-sized supply of toilet paper), and more importantly crime. A safe neighborhood is a desirable one.

6. Establish an architectural control committee.

An architectural control committee doesn’t have to be the dreaded neighborhood-big brother. An architectural control community is one of the best ways to keep homes looking beautiful and preserve the consistent look and feel across all homes. Not sure how one of these how you could use a committee like this? Here is an example of something it could oversee:

  • Painting of homes – this is an expensive project that most homeowners dread. Make it easier by identifying a reputable vendor and securing homeowners a discount! They’ll feel motivated to paint, and you’ll be maintaining curb appeal. It’s a win-win!

Depending on what your neighborhood needs this spring, we hope you can use the above list as inspiration to help you maintain and maybe even improve the curb appeal of your area! For more tips and helpful articles on keeping your community beautiful visit our blog.