Why Spectrum:

We don’t like to toot our own horn and that is not the purpose of this blog. This blog is to provide valuable information to homeowners and board members in HOA communities. So why are we doing the “Why Spectrum” series? We’ve had several requests for information that clearly explains what’s so unique about Spectrum. We thought we’d organize this information in a series of blog posts. Don’t worry; it won’t be all about us, these posts will be mixed in with some other SUPER useful content.

Weekly Community Updates

Have you ever wondered exactly what your association management company is doing with the fee you pay them each month? At Spectrum, we’re proud to say that our customers receive so much more than just association management when they choose to work with us. We have a strong commitment to communication with homeowners, and a big part of that is providing them with a weekly personalized update from their community manager. In this weekly email, your community manager fills you in on:

  • Project status reports
  • Bid requests
  • Upcoming training opportunities
  • Website updates
  • Homeowner concerns
  • Board meeting follow up
  • And more!

When you choose Spectrum, you won’t have to wonder what’s going on or if your management fee is basically going down the drain each month. Our commitment to communication is simple, smart, and makes the lives of HOA board members so much simpler.

More than management

 Are You Tired of Pointless Meetings?

So are we. We know how frustrating it can be for you to show up to a meeting that doesn’t accomplish anything in the end. At Spectrum, the very last thing we want to do is waste your time. That’s why we make sure every meeting you attend with us has a purpose and you walk away feeling like something was accomplished. We hear time and time again from board members that Spectrum meetings are some of the most productive they have ever experienced. And we attribute that to great boards and a proactive management style.

When it comes to meetings, our community managers start preparing weeks in advance, they involve the board in the process when necessary, and they come ready to tackle any challenge presented.

 We Keep Our Promise to You

When you choose Spectrum to manage your association, you will see the work being done before your eyes and you won’t have to wonder why you are even paying a management fee. Isn’t it about time to have a community management company that earns its keep? Let us show you what refreshingly different service looks like with a team that gets things done, keeps you informed, and does what we say we’ll do.