Just in case you needed a few more reasons why Spectrum Association Management offers the best Phoenix HOA management services in Arizona, here are a few of our favorite board members and their opinions on what we have to offer. And don’t forget; everybody in this video is a real life board member, not paid actors. Each of them understands precisely what Spectrum as a company brings to the table and, as such, these are their real, unscripted reactions to the services they’ve received. If you want to experience what they have, call today or submit a bid to see what the Spectrum difference truly means! And, for all you current board members, let us know in the comments what changes Spectrum has wrought for your community; we can’t wait to hear your stories!

TRANSCRIPT: It’s really hard to put into words how frustrating it is to work a full time job as everyone on the board does, put in your free time and energy to try and address problems, and then to have that property management not work together with you as a team, perhaps not ever returning calls. You feel like you’re just spinning your wheels for nothing, which is just a huge waste of time.

We felt a huge burden on individual board members to try to make sure that things were followed through. There was never any follow through, there were always inconsistencies.

And we never did repairs, it didn’t seem like we were ever doing anything, and at the end of the year we never had any money to put into our reserve fund. Then we changed to Spectrum, and we made immediate change. We spent thousands of dollars painting the fences, we refurbished the outside and inside of the clubhouse, and we spent a fortune on maintenance, that couldn’t be delayed any longer. But now we manage to put 40,000 dollars a year into a reserve fund, so you tell me what the difference is.

Once we hired Spectrum, we had budget. We had multiple departments with different specialties that, if our property manager—who has been fantastic—could not answer our questions, she had someone to go to with the legal experience to help us interpret our documents, and uh help us uh protect our property.

They’ve all been wonderful, every single one of them. And every question, every issue we’ve had, they’ve found answers for. They have great, accomplished, intelligent people managing the associations.

Same Day returned calls, Projects completed on time, Best-in-class financial tools, and people who enjoy their jobs.

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