Compliance Series

September 2015

Waging War on HOA Weeds

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Part 7 in the HOA Compliance Series. View part 6, HOA Parking Enforcement Tips here. Why is it that the plants you want to keep green and living always brown and wilt, while the weeds you try to kill flourish and drive you nuts? It’s a problem that plagues every yard, in every community no matter what part [...]

5 HOA Parking Enforcement Tips

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Part 6  of our HOA Compliance Series. View part 5, HOA Paint Violations here.  Many communities, especially those made up of townhomes and condos, restrict parking curbside. Even though this is a great tactic to keep the community safe and looking nice, it can oftentimes annoy homeowners who don’t see the real reason for the rules. [...]

Preventing HOA Paint Problems

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Part 5 in the HOA Compliance Series. View part 4, Dog Poop Compliance here. Exterior painting can be an expensive and daunting task, especially if many homes in your community are in need of fresh coat. Unfortunately when a community reaches 7-10 years old, most of the homes likely need new paint, and every 7-10 years [...]

Dog Poop and HOA Compliance

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Part 4 in the HOA Compliance Series. View part 3, HOA Trash Can Compliance here. The Scoop on Poop: Four Ways Your HOA Can Manage Your Dog Poop Problems Picture this: you’re walking through your community’s common area with your family, enjoying an early-evening walk when you hear a distinctive “SQUISH”. You’ve just stepped in poop. Gross! [...]

August 2015

Trash Can Compliance in Your HOA Community

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Part 3 of our HOA Compliance Series. See part 2, Catching Common HOA Violations here.  Let’s be honest, trash stinks. And while it is perfectly normal to see garbage bins lining the street on trash day, no one likes to look at overflowing bins every day. Most homeowners are responsible about pulling their bins in [...]

June 2015

Catching Common HOA Violations

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Part 2 in the HOA Compliance Series. See part 1, Stress Free HOA Management here.  No one likes being told what to do, especially property-owning adults. While residents generally don’t like hearing they’ve done something wrong, an HOA and its governing documents are your community’s best tools for maintaining property values and curb appeal. Even though it [...]

Stress-Free HOA Compliance Management

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Part 1  of our HOA Compliance Series. View part 2, Catching Common HOA Violations here. Compliance visits are necessary to enforce your community documents and make sure the community is in top shape. However, no one likes receiving a notice about an HOA violation, especially if it is an erroneous letter. You need someone who takes [...]