October 2020

Social Committees and Your HOA


Are you looking to increase engagement within your community? Or do you simply want to help create a community that your fellow homeowners love calling home?   It can be difficult to find time to

Social Committees and Your HOA2020-09-22T13:42:18-05:00

January 2020

What are the Responsibilities of the ACC Committee?


An association’s CC&Rs typically require association approval before a person makes any physical changes to the outside of his or her property or the common area. The committee responsible for overseeing modifications, additions, or alterations

What are the Responsibilities of the ACC Committee?2020-02-25T07:23:05-06:00

August 2019

Is a Crime Watch Committee A Good Idea for Your HOA?


Imagine a way in which to reduce crime in your neighborhood while simultaneously sparking fellowship and engagement among homeowners and local law enforcement. Considering these possible benefits, a crime watch committee may appear to be

Is a Crime Watch Committee A Good Idea for Your HOA?2019-09-24T14:29:22-05:00

Guidelines for an HOA Committee


As a board member, you are a leader in your community. You organize vendors, plan meetings and events, communicate with homeowners, and oversee the finances of your association. There is certainly a lot that needs

Guidelines for an HOA Committee2019-09-24T14:35:52-05:00
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