It can be a rewarding endeavor to spruce up your home. Now that summer is here, many homeowners will be taking advantage of the opportunity to tackle home improvement projects.

While replacing siding, fencing, or painting your entire home can be costly, you can make significant improvements with minimal cost and effort.

If you’re looking to refresh the exterior of your home – either to improve your curb appeal, or because it’s just a necessity at this time – you will find some inexpensive ways to invigorate your home’s exterior below:

  • Give your front door a new look. Whether it’s outdated, peeling paint, or worn by the elements, a front door can detract from the front of your house. Painting anything is always a fairly inexpensive update; typically around $30 per project.
  • Update accessories. Adding simple and tasteful décor to the exterior of your home can be as inexpensive or costly as your budget allows. Consider adding a few enhancements, such as birdbaths, planters, or a mailbox stands.
  • Adding a layer of fresh mulch to the edging or full plant beds can really freshen up your property! Mulch gets pretty stale after being exposed to the elements for so long, and you can purchase it in bulk for a reasonable price.
  • Add architecture. Moulding, window boxes, shutters, and columns can add interest to the architecture of your house.
  • Light the path. A dark home is not very welcoming. By adding ambient lighting, you can brighten your home and make it more appealing. Try adding path lights to your front door or porch. Lighting also helps deter intruders.

We all like to take pride in our home, as it is often a reflection of our personality. While some improvements can be costly, there are many ways to enliven or refresh your home without breaking the bank, as you can see from the above examples.

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Before you decide which budget project to tackle first, be sure that improvements are in line with your association’s rules. Obtain ACC Committee approval before making any changes to the exterior of your home. If you have any questions, we at SpectrumAM are happy to help!