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Frequently Asked Questions

So you’ve got a question, you’re in luck. We’ve got answers. In most cases your question can be answered below, we’ve taken the time to provide you with the info to take care of our most commonly asked questions. Of course, if you’re still confused, you can find out contact info to the left.

Can I report my neighbor’s barking dog or pet off a leash?2017-01-12T13:27:53-06:00

Yes. Fill out our violation form, and we will send a letter to the pet owner reminding them of their responsibilities as a pet owner.

What are the DCCRs?2017-01-12T13:27:07-06:00

The Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (DCCRs) describe the rights and obligations of the homeowners’ association and of each owner. DCCRs are recorded with the county recorder in the county where the property is located, and they automatically bind anyone who becomes an owner of the property after the DCCRs are recorded.

What if I am unable to resolve the violation in the time allotted?2017-01-12T13:25:53-06:00

Feel free to contact our office, and we will be glad to assist you.

How often are community reviews conducted?2017-01-12T13:25:03-06:00

Community reviews are directed by the association’s Board of Directors. Most communities are reviewed on a bi-weekly basis, but may be reviewed on a weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly basis depending on the directions given by the Board.

Why did I receive my letter via Certified Mail?2017-01-12T13:24:34-06:00

Per Provision 209.006 of the Texas Residential Property Owners Protection Act, before a homeowners’ association may levy a fine or force-maintain or mow a homeowner’s property or lot, the association must give written notice to the homeowner via Certified Mail.

My yard was force-maintained/mowed. What does this mean?2017-04-11T11:34:22-05:00

If a violation is not corrected by the homeowner in the time specified in the violation letter, if allowed by the DCCRs, the association may choose to force-maintain or mow a homeowner’s property through the use of a contractor to resolve the violation(s). The cost of the contractor’s service is charged to the homeowner. Charges may be incurred even if the homeowner sends the contracted personnel away.

If I receive a violation letter, what do I need to do?2017-01-12T13:23:03-06:00

You will need to correct the violation that is noted in the letter. You do not need to contact our office to notify us that the violation has been corrected, unless a daily fine is being incurred as a result of the violation. We will review your home during the next scheduled community review and will close out all violations that have been corrected. Additional letters are sent if a violation is not corrected by the next scheduled community review and a fine or forced maintenance may be incurred by the homeowner.

What if I did not receive the violation letter(s)?2017-01-12T13:22:22-06:00

Courtesy Reminders are sent out via First Class Mail. All violation letters that have a potential to incur a fine or forced maintenance are required to be sent to the homeowner’s address via Certified Mail and First Class Mail. If a tenant resides in the home, letters are sent only to the homeowner’s address listed with the association. We are able to verify when these letters are mailed and would be glad to provide you that information. If you did not receive the letters, you will need to speak with your post office.

What if I disagree with a violation letter or fine I receive?2017-04-11T11:34:22-05:00

You may contact our office, and we will be glad to discuss the reason behind the violation letter. Homeowners are also entitled to request a hearing in front of the Board of Directors to discuss and verify facts regarding the matter(s) on or before the 30th day from the date the letter was mailed. Any requests for a hearing must be in writing and mailed via Certified Mail.

Am I the only one getting this kind of letter?2017-01-12T13:20:57-06:00

Violations are generated following the regulations set by the association’s governing documents, and letters are issued whenever a violation is observed by the management company. All members of the association are held to the same standards, and we hope that you will see the value in these standards.

What kinds of things count as a violation?2017-01-12T13:20:16-06:00

The types of violations may vary depending on the governing documents for your association and the instructions given by the Board of Directors, but some of the more common things that may count as a violation include the following:

  • Tall or creeping weeds and grass
  • Fence in need of repair or replacement
  • Rubbish/debris/unsightly items in yard
  • Commercial vehicle or trailer on property
  • Window A/C unit installed
  • Unapproved improvement to the exterior of your home or lot
I received a Courtesy Reminder. Do I need to contact Spectrum Association Management?2017-01-16T16:10:54-06:00

No. Once you have resolved the issue we observed, then absolutely no further action is needed on your part. Thank you for handling the issue. We really appreciate it! The courtesy reminder is meant as a service to you from your association, simply to bring your awareness to an issue that could be escalated to a violation later on. It is not a fee or a ticket, and there is no cost to you for this notice at this time.

Why did I receive a violation letter?2017-01-16T16:10:48-06:00

If you received a violation letter, it is because your home or property is in violation of the DCCRs (Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions) and/or the Bylaws for your association. Violations are generated following the regulations set by the association, and letters are issued whenever a violation is observed by the management company.

How do I report a violation?2017-01-12T13:30:07-06:00

Please fill out our violation form located under our Homeowner Services.

What are the benefits of an HOA2017-04-11T11:34:22-05:00

There are many advantages to living in a homeowners association. Just drive through many of the old developments that do not have a homeowners association and you can immediately notice the difference. Associations help protect your property value and assist in creating a pleasant place to live for years to come. Communities with a homeowners association usually feature attractive combinations of well-designed homes and landscaped open spaces. The houses may even cost less than traditional housing due to more efficient use of land. Many associations feature parks, pools and other amenities, often too expensive for you to own alone, can be yours through shared ownership. So now you have a chance to enjoy the pool, tennis court, or other recreational facilities that may have been unaffordable previously. What’s more, you won’t have direct responsibility for maintenance, so you won’t have to clean the pool, fix the tennis nets, etc.

By delivering services at the direction of their members, community associations meet the expectations of residents by working to provide a clean, well-maintained living environment, preserving the nature of the community and protecting property values. Many times we have a homeowner call our office upset and frustrated over receiving a compliance letter, only to call the next week asking for the association’s help in correcting an issue with their neighbor.

Cooperation and compliance are accomplished through governing documents that typically address architectural guidelines (dealing with items such as additions, decks, landscaping, paint colors, maintenance of the yard, fence, and house) and rules pertaining to issues such as noise, pets and parking. Enforced fairly and equitably, these documents guide the management and governance of the association and are generally consistent with zoning and other provisions of the larger civil community in which the association is located.

What if I’m deployed?2014-04-11T16:39:32-05:00

First, thank you for serving in the Military. We sincerely appreciate your service and want to be as accommodating as possible. We need to have an address for you in order to send bills and other correspondence. If you will not have someone living in your home that will take care of your mail and all items dealing with the home, please provide us (in writing) with an address of where the association should send correspondence. With regard to paying your dues we recommend one of the following: 1) Prepay your dues for the time you will be away, 2) Set up an auto bill pay through your bank, or 3) Set up automatic ACH withdraw on our website. We also recommend that you have someone set up to maintain your yard, fence, home, and other improvements.

Where does my money go?2014-04-11T16:41:03-05:00

The money you pay for association dues goes towards a number of things and depends on the neighborhood you live in. Dues generally pay for the association insurance policies, landscaping services by a professional landscaper, management of the association by a professional management company, enforcement of the rules, property and income taxes, reserve funding for future repairs and maintenance, watering of association owned common areas, sprinkler repairs and maintenance, lighting of common area elements and signs, flowers, replacing and/or updating landscaping, removing graffiti, maintaining the entrance signs (painting, cleaning, etc.), neighborhood social events, newsletters, etc.

Do I need approval?2014-05-16T01:14:37-05:00

If you are making a change to the exterior of your home or a change anywhere on your lot you need to get approval from the Architectural Control (or Review) Committee for your association. There are some exceptions to this based on the governing documents for your association, however, the general rule is yes, you need approval. Getting approval from the association is always the safest bet. Submit an Improvement Request

What if I’m renting my home out to a tenant?2017-01-12T13:30:40-06:00

When you own a home in a homeowners association and rent it out you are still responsible for paying the dues and making sure that the home stays in compliance with the governing documents of the association. Even if you make arrangements for the renter to pay the dues, or cut the lawn, etc. you are still legally responsible. Therefore, please make sure you provide us with your new mailing address by submitting this information on our website, faxing it, or by sending it in writing.

How do I update my mailing address?2015-10-12T10:56:45-05:00

It is the responsibility of each homeowner to ensure their Association and Management Company has a correct mailing address on file. If you need to change your mailing address please complete this form on our website.

How do I change my password?2017-04-11T11:34:22-05:00

Once you have successfully logged in with a temporary password you may change your password by selecting the MY PROFILE tab on the left hand side. Located under your email address you may enter a new password and once again below to confirm it. Click submit to finish your request.

I have already registered but I forgot my password. How do I reset it?2017-04-11T11:34:22-05:00

Visit spectrumam.com and click the Login button. Once you are on the login page select the Reset password link and enter your email address. A temporary password will be emailed to you shortly. You may then use that new password to access your account. If you are still having trouble please send an email to [email protected] and a Concierge Representative will assist you.

I want to pay my bill online but I am a new user. How do I register?2017-04-11T11:34:22-05:00

Please visit the Spectrum homepage and click on the New User tab. Fill out the required information and click Submit. Within 24 hours your registration will be approved and you will receive an email with a temporary password. You will then be able to log in with your email address and new temporary password. Please note the passwords are case sensitive. If you are experiencing difficulties please contact a Concierge Representative at [email protected]

What is a payment plan?2016-07-27T00:51:28-05:00

A payment plan may help break up the balance owed into smaller monthly payments. It is designed for accounts that are currently past due where the owner needs additional time to make payments.

If you request a payment plan or need to make special arrangements for payment please include any details that you think will be helpful in understanding your unique situation.

Accounts in payment plan status may incur interest and charges related to costs to your association.  Please contact us if you have questions related to the amounts on your account. Apply for a payment plan here.

I’m experiencing financial hardship and can’t pay my assessments.2017-04-11T11:34:22-05:00

One option is to be placed on a payment plan. You may request a payment plan online at spectrumam.com by selecting the Forms tab at the top of the page. Select the Payment Plan Form on the left and fill out the required fields. Your request will be sent to a Concierge Representative who will be in contact with you shortly to discuss your request. You may also contact a representative by phone at 877-269-9092.

When will my recurring credit card payment expire?2014-04-09T02:17:33-05:00

For recurring credit card payments you may select a final payment date of your choosing, or you may select for the recurring payment to be set up indefinitely with no end date.

How do I set up recurring credit/debit card payments?2017-04-11T11:34:22-05:00

Once you are logged in to your Association’s website

  • Click on the Pay Assessments tab.
  • Under the recurring payments section select Credit Card.
  • At the top of the page select ‘Set up recurring payment’.
  • Then select ‘Set up a new Autopay’.
  • Select the recurring payment date (please check your statement for your due date)
  • Choose payment frequency (monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually).
  • Choose final payment date. You may also choose to make indefinite payments with no end date.
  • Click continue to enter in the recurring payment amount you would like deducted and select continue.
  • Select the type of card you wish to use and fill in the required fields.
  • Please note the processing fee will automatically calculate and will be charged for each recurring payment.
When will my recurring electronic check payments expire?2014-04-09T02:14:57-05:00

At this time all recurring echeck payments that are set up quarterly will expire after the fourth payment is made and homeowners will need to re set their recurring payment every 12 months. Recurring echeck payments that are set up on a monthly basis will not expire but it is recommended that you continue to check your statements to ensure your assessment amount has not changed.

How do I set up recurring payments with an electronic check?2017-04-11T11:34:22-05:00

Once you are logged into your Association’s website,

  • Click on the Pay Assessments tab.
  • Under the recurring payments section select ‘New recurring echeck’.
  • On the next page ensure the billing information is correct and select the account type you wish to use (checking, savings).
  • Enter your Bank Routing number and the Bank Account number twice for confirmation
  • Enter in your desired recurring payment amount.
  • Under recurring information select the payment frequency (monthly, quarterly).
  • Please note that annual and semi-annual echeck payments cannot be set up as recurring payments at this time.
  • Lastly, select the day of the month you would like to pay on (please check your statements to determine your association’s due date).
Where is your office located?2017-01-20T16:25:11-06:00

To view contact information for your local office please visit our contact page and enter your location.

How can I pay my HOA assessments?2024-02-19T11:36:05-06:00

Spectrum makes paying your bill easy. You may make a payment in person at any of our offices with a personal check or money order. We are unable to accept cash or credit card payments at this time. You may also mail a check or money order made payable to your association to C/O Spectrum Association Management PO Box 299008, Lewisville, TX 75029. Please include your account number on the check for easy processing. Payments may also be made online by logging into your account by check or credit card or online bill pay may be set up with your personal bank.

Can I make a payment by phone?2016-06-07T18:40:56-05:00

We recommend bill-pay through your bank, checks or recurring eCheck payments. We accept payment by phone as a one-time courtesy.

Is there a charge to pay my assessments online?2014-04-09T02:09:49-05:00

Yes, there is a $1.99 flat charge for all electronic check payments and a 3.5% fee for all payments made by credit card.