Political Signs in Your HOA Community: Guidelines for the Upcoming Elections

Most cities, counties, and states have laws established regarding the number of political signs a homeowner can post on private property. There are also limits on the size of sign allowed. It’s important that the board understands what is allowed in the community before implementing any rules regarding political signs.

Below are three steps we encourage you to take regarding political signs in your HOA:

  1. If you’re in Texas, reference Texas Property Code 202.009. For boards in Arizona, refer to Arizona Revised Statute 33-1808. Both address an association’s right to regulate political signs.

In addition to reviewing your state’s laws, reference your HOA’s existing CC&Rs. Most CC&Rs will include a section regulating signage. It is important to ensure that the board enforces the right rules and that those rules make sense for your particular community.

  1. Because election season has a clear beginning and end, outline a timeframe for when political signs can be displayed – when can they be posted, and when do they have to be removed?
  2. Avoid having any homeowner accuse the board of violating their First Amendment rights by working with residents in a respectful manner; always take their rights into consideration! If someone is in violation, be civil and candid. Be sure they get a copy of the association’s CC&Rs, and do your best to help them understand the rules. Never remove a sign by force, regardless of your political opinions.

Should your board run into a situation, remember that it is your legal obligation to protect the community. The best way to avoid possible political sign issues is to be fair, communicate openly, and to know and understand the law. For additional questions or assistance managing your HOA community, contact Spectrum Association Management today to speak with one of our specialists and see what makes our services refreshingly different.


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