As a member of your HOA’s Board of Directors, you’re accustomed to listening to homeowners’ concerns and resolving them to the best of your abilities. Skills such as this, as well as other skills, allow you to work productively alongside your fellow board members in all aspects of the role!

Read on for five tips to help your board function at its best and encourage one another in every task:

Focus on accurate and objective communication

Write in a clear, objective style that identifies the day, time, and place of events, spells participants’ names correctly, and uses accurate data. If a board member is unable to attend a meeting, for instance, be sure to send them the meeting minutes as soon as possible. Communication is key to a successful board.

Split work fairly

Every volunteer on your board of directors has made a unique commitment to serve your community. To ensure that no one is feeling overwhelmed with responsibilities, weigh each task according to length, difficulty, and expertise before assigning it to a director. Pinpoint each director’s strengths to let each one of you shine!

Look for things that can be improved and be open-minded when you find them

If your board finds something it wants to improve, make a team plan.

For example, if someone has an idea for how to structure the budget that does not align with yours, keep in mind that every new opinion or piece of information will help your board develop a better plan.

Having the association’s best interest takes priority over personal preference, and if you show that you have the other directors’ backs, they are more likely to have yours when you need help.

Know how to give and receive feedback

We can all learn from one another in a professional and productive manner. When given feedback, focus on the learning opportunity, then look for a suitable solution. When giving feedback, always be respectful and constructive. Instead of saying, “You failed to . . .” or “You should have . . . ,” say, “This would be even better if we . . .” or “Let’s target this area next time.” Keeping an open mind can allow everyone on your board to grow!

Show thoughtful appreciation for every board member.

Acknowledge each board member’s contribution to the team’s efforts. Ensure all board members are praised for their hard work and dedication to a job well-done. If everyone on your board feels valued, no one will feel that the board of directors is unfair or that some peoples’ views are taken more seriously than others’.

Remember that the purpose of an HOA’s board of directors is to create a pleasant community for your members and by cultivating a solid partnership with SpectrumAM, we are all aligned to make your association the best it can be.