Are you looking for a new home but are unsure if you want to join a neighborhood HOA? If you’ve never lived in an HOA, you may not realize just how many benefits there are to take advantage of. The Foundation for Community Association Research concluded from a 2018 poll that an overwhelming majority –over 90%—of members reports a positive experience with their associations and elected boards. With such a high rate of success, it makes your choice of whether or not to join the HOA an easy one!

Here are a few reasons why homeowners love living in an HOA:


For many HOA members, the most enticing and rewarding advantages to membership are increased amenities. Having unrestricted and exclusive access to well-maintained swimming pools, walking trails, parks, playgrounds, fitness centers and clubhouses is well worth the cost of association membership.


HOAs give members a natural sense of community through planned activities like holiday parties, clubs and athletic events. Members also feel a shared responsibility to maintain the integrity of the neighborhood grounds and buildings, which creates a safer, more aesthetically pleasing environment for all residents.

Assured Comfort

With an HOA, you won’t have to worry about the loud, late-night parties or constant barking from the house next door. Set guidelines and rules regarding such matters mean that irritating nuisances and potential confrontations are much more easily avoided.

Maintenance Services

Not only does an HOA ensure that the entire neighborhood remains well maintained, but it can also make the job of keeping your home looking great much simpler. Many HOAs provide services to upkeep your home’s yard and exterior, saving you extra time and money in the process.

Property Value

While HOA rules and regulations may seem restrictive from an outsider’s perspective, members understand that they serve a greater purpose. HOAs provide protection for your greatest investment—your home—by helping to maintain its value in an ever-changing market.

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While this list isn’t comprehensive, you can easily see the positive benefits of being a member of an HOA. To put it simply, it’s an organization run by neighbors, for neighbors, with an interest of the greater good for all. Are there other benefits you enjoy about living in your HOA? Share in the comments below!