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November 2020

Helpful Tips to Ensure Covenant Compliance


Helpful Tips to Ensure Covenant Compliance   People buy houses in HOAs to live in a neighborhood that’s pleasant and well-kept, and an HOA’s board and ACC bring this dream community to life by ensuring

Helpful Tips to Ensure Covenant Compliance2020-11-09T16:20:34-06:00

What is an HOA Transfer Fee?


What is an HOA Transfer Fee? When buying or selling a home, we know that some may be caught off guard with unexpected fees at time of closing. The HOA transfer fee is one such

What is an HOA Transfer Fee?2020-11-09T15:39:21-06:00

October 2020

Common HOA Issues


The Most Common HOA Issues As with just about any living situation, membership in an HOA has its ups and downs. While there are definite perks (pool time, anyone?), things are not always perfect. When

Common HOA Issues2020-10-30T12:11:18-05:00

The Purpose of HOAs


The Purpose of HOAs Have you ever wondered why we have homeowners’ associations? Are they necessary? What are the benefits of living in an HOA? In this article, we’ll answer those questions, and more. Keep

The Purpose of HOAs2020-11-09T15:36:19-06:00

How to Avoid HOA Violations


HOA’s are responsible for protecting the property values of the community. To do this, the board must enforce certain rules and restrictions. While some may find this to be a bit intrusive, the benefit of

How to Avoid HOA Violations2020-09-22T13:42:18-05:00

Political Signs in the HOA


With fall 2020 comes another presidential election cycle, making political signs an especially timely topic this year. To assist the board in supporting its community fairly and with empathy this election season, we’re going to

Political Signs in the HOA2020-10-14T14:50:30-05:00

Social Committees and Your HOA


Are you looking to increase engagement within your community? Or do you simply want to help create a community that your fellow homeowners love calling home?   It can be difficult to find time to

Social Committees and Your HOA2020-09-22T13:42:18-05:00

Accounting for Reserves


Every homeowners’ association needs to have reserve funds set aside to help properly maintain the community and its facilities. Reserve funds are kept for major improvements to the association as needs arise over time. Community

Accounting for Reserves2020-10-01T11:25:57-05:00
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