November 2020

Using SMART Goals for Proactive HOA Planning


Using SMART Goals for Proactive HOA Planning With the holiday season kicking off and a new year fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about the best way to finish off existing projects and prepare

Using SMART Goals for Proactive HOA Planning2020-11-13T11:07:42-06:00

October 2020

How to Avoid HOA Violations


HOA’s are responsible for protecting the property values of the community. To do this, the board must enforce certain rules and restrictions. While some may find this to be a bit intrusive, the benefit of

How to Avoid HOA Violations2020-09-22T13:42:18-05:00

Social Committees and Your HOA


Are you looking to increase engagement within your community? Or do you simply want to help create a community that your fellow homeowners love calling home?   It can be difficult to find time to

Social Committees and Your HOA2020-09-22T13:42:18-05:00

September 2020

Why HOAs Should Follow CDC Guidelines


In a recent article for Crisis Management Update, Employment Law Attorney Stephen Scott warned that businesses who ignore or misapply federal guidance on COVID-19 mitigation may be making a costly mistake.   While CDC guidance

Why HOAs Should Follow CDC Guidelines2020-09-17T15:58:04-05:00

Crime Prevention Tips for Your HOA


Crime can happen anywhere, at any time, so it’s important to stay vigilant. While there are safety measures your association may take to deter crime, it’s crucial for each individual homeowner to contribute to their

Crime Prevention Tips for Your HOA2020-09-16T13:48:21-05:00

June 2020

Living Harmoniously With the Pets in Your Community


There are millions of dogs in the United States, and each individual dog provides their owners with unconditional love and companionship. Unfortunately, these dogs also provide owners with the unwanted burden of pet waste!  

Living Harmoniously With the Pets in Your Community2020-06-25T17:55:58-05:00
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