HOA Finances

August 2022

Inflation: How It Impacts Your HOA


Whether at the grocery store or on the news, you’ve likely heard and felt the impact of this year’s inflation. With costs steadily rising, it is important that HOAs prepare ahead of time to avoid

Inflation: How It Impacts Your HOA2022-11-30T16:58:04-06:00

June 2022

Statute of Limitations


Assessments are an important factor in any HOA, funding day-to-day operations, repairs and improvements, and the association’s reserves. When homeowners pay their assessments on time, it not only helps make the board members’ lives easier

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May 2022

April 2022

Capital Contributions for HOAs


It happens any time you decide to buy a home or condo – you get hit with hundreds of pages of paperwork to fill out and a series of closing costs that can leave you

Capital Contributions for HOAs2022-08-19T08:56:25-05:00

February 2022

October 2021

HOA Management Cost


HOA Management Cost Running an HOA requires time, commitment, and expertise. Because most board members have their own jobs, families, and lives to take care of outside of the services they provide for the community,

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June 2021

Proactive HOA Budgeting


Proactive HOA Budgeting Every year, the HOA board must approve an annual budget for the association. And, sometimes, because of too many busy weeks and complex personal schedules, the board may feel like they’re just

Proactive HOA Budgeting2021-06-23T08:00:18-05:00

HOA Financial Statement Requirements


HOA Financial Statement Requirements Among the many records that a homeowners association must keep, the financial statement is definitely an important one. Residents invest in the community through their fees and assessments, and they have

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February 2021

HOA Tax Returns: What You Should Know


HOA Tax Returns: What You Should Know The process of filing HOA tax returns is actually simpler than one might think, and our goal is to help the board better prepare for tax season! Here

HOA Tax Returns: What You Should Know2021-02-11T08:00:59-06:00

Are HOA Fees Tax Deductible?


Are HOA Fees Tax Deductible? During tax season, many homeowners look to take advantage of any deductions they may claim to help reduce their tax bill. Unfortunately, the complex nature of the tax system makes

Are HOA Fees Tax Deductible?2021-02-01T08:00:24-06:00