December 2020

Your Guide to HOA Finance, Budgeting, and Accounting


Kindly allow us to share a basic refresher on some financial terms related to accounting, financing, and budgeting. You may encounter these concepts in your role as an HOA leader.   Basic Accounting Terminology Assets anything

Your Guide to HOA Finance, Budgeting, and Accounting2020-12-02T13:39:00-06:00

October 2020

Accounting for Reserves


Every homeowners’ association needs to have reserve funds set aside to help properly maintain the community and its facilities. Reserve funds are kept for major improvements to the association as needs arise over time. Community

Accounting for Reserves2020-10-01T11:25:57-05:00

September 2020

Preparing Your HOA for Tax Season


As the end of the year approaches, we will soon be entering tax season. To help your board prepare for this busy time, SpectrumAM has put together some common questions regarding HOA taxes:   Where

Preparing Your HOA for Tax Season2020-09-30T12:22:44-05:00

Can an HOA Accept Donations?


When running an HOA, there’s always a need for more funds. Even the most financially stable HOAs can always find ways to put more funds to good use. So, you may be wondering: Can HOAs

Can an HOA Accept Donations?2020-07-09T15:50:45-05:00

How to Avoid HOA Fraud


Here at Spectrum Association Management, we love helping our customers navigate every aspect of HOA management. One topic that doesn’t get talked about enough is how to protect your association’s finances from fraud.   While

How to Avoid HOA Fraud2020-09-01T13:47:44-05:00

July 2020

What to Do with HOA Operating Surplus Funds


Even with their many expenses, an HOA board may reach the end of the year and discover they have an operating funds surplus. This occurs when all revenue or receipts, which may include rents, assessments,

What to Do with HOA Operating Surplus Funds2020-07-09T14:38:19-05:00

May 2020

Should You Have HOA Investments?


HOA board members must always act in the best interest of the community, especially when it comes to deciding whether to invest association funds. It’s a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly and must be

Should You Have HOA Investments?2020-07-09T15:29:15-05:00

HOA Budgeting During Times of Crisis


Preparing an accurate budget for your HOA may seem like a daunting task, especially during uncertain times such as these. At SpectrumAM, we believe careful planning and partnering with your community manager to discuss the

HOA Budgeting During Times of Crisis2020-06-04T18:10:58-05:00

April 2020

Ensuring FDIC Coverage for Your HOA Community


At SpectrumAM, we continue to work with our associations’ banks to ensure accounts have proper FDIC coverage. We also want to make sure the rates being offered are competitive to the current rates seen elsewhere

Ensuring FDIC Coverage for Your HOA Community2020-04-10T12:02:34-05:00
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