July 2022

May 2022

Parking Enforcement Tips for HOA Communities


Community streets crowded with parked vehicles can create visibility and maneuverability issues that make driving to and from your home difficult. It’s harder to see children playing on the sidewalk and move past oncoming traffic

Parking Enforcement Tips for HOA Communities2022-06-09T16:25:20-05:00

April 2022

Capital Contributions for HOAs


It happens any time you decide to buy a home or condo – you get hit with hundreds of pages of paperwork to fill out and a series of closing costs that can leave you

Capital Contributions for HOAs2022-08-19T08:56:25-05:00

January 2022

Governing Documents Do’s and Don’ts 


The governing documents are an essential tool in the proper administration of any HOA. They spell out important processes for association business, guide board member decisions, and exist as a contract between the HOA and

Governing Documents Do’s and Don’ts 2022-03-20T20:56:02-05:00

December 2021

Who Regulates HOA Management Companies?


The legal aspects of association management can be complicated. Ultimately, it is a delicate dance of checks and balances between HOA management companies and HOA boards to benefit the most important entity in the community:

Who Regulates HOA Management Companies?2022-02-15T21:02:44-06:00

November 2021

HOA Management Agreement


Hiring an HOA management company can add much value to a community and save board members a lot of time. In making a commitment to work with a specific company, it is important to know

HOA Management Agreement2022-04-15T11:17:51-05:00

October 2021

Handling Community Conflict at HOA Meetings


Handling Community Conflict at HOA Meetings It’s inevitable that some communities have a bully who attends board meetings in an effort to push their own agenda, belittle other members’ proposals, or even make others feel

Handling Community Conflict at HOA Meetings2022-03-29T12:07:31-05:00

Is your HOA Management Company a Poor Match?


Is Your HOA Management Company a Poor Match for Your Association? One of the most reported reasons for HOA boards to switch management companies has to do with the partnership being a poor match. This

Is your HOA Management Company a Poor Match?2021-10-01T08:00:37-05:00