August 2022

May 2022

Parking Enforcement Tips for HOA Communities


Community streets crowded with parked vehicles can create visibility and maneuverability issues that make driving to and from your home difficult. It’s harder to see children playing on the sidewalk and move past oncoming traffic

Parking Enforcement Tips for HOA Communities2022-06-09T16:25:20-05:00

January 2022

Governing Documents Do’s and Don’ts 


The governing documents are an essential tool in the proper administration of any HOA. They spell out important processes for association business, guide board member decisions, and exist as a contract between the HOA and

Governing Documents Do’s and Don’ts 2022-03-20T20:56:02-05:00

December 2021

Your Guide to Liens When Purchasing in an HOA


Homeowners’ associations are carefully managed, with common areas, landscaping, and other community maintenance funded by monthly assessments. Assessments, also known as dues or fees, are required by all homeowners and must be paid regularly to

Your Guide to Liens When Purchasing in an HOA2022-02-16T19:50:35-06:00

August 2021

How to Increase Meeting Participation


How to Increase Homeowner Participation in Board and Annual Meetings Annual meetings and board meetings are crucial pieces to your HOA leadership journey, and we consider it our job to help you reach your homeowner

How to Increase Meeting Participation2021-08-31T08:00:35-05:00

HOA Community Strategic Plan


Strategic Planning for Your HOA Community Having a strategic plan is different than simply having a general plan for matters within your HOA. Strategic plans have the ability to unify a community under a central

HOA Community Strategic Plan2021-08-05T08:00:44-05:00

July 2021

A Homebuyer’s Guide to HOAs


A Buyer’s Guide to HOAs Although HOAs are growing in popularity, many buyers are hesitant to join, fearful of the authoritarian reputation HOAs tend to have, and uneducated on what to expect when purchasing a

A Homebuyer’s Guide to HOAs2021-07-08T08:00:52-05:00

Avoid Common HOA Violations


How to Avoid Common HOA Violations Enjoying the benefits of living in an HOA is a two-way street. You must abide by the association’s rules to make the most of your membership. There have been

Avoid Common HOA Violations2021-07-01T08:00:22-05:00

June 2021

Tips for Effective HOA Leadership


Tips for Effective HOA Leadership Serving on your HOA’s board of directors can be a rewarding and challenging experience. HOA governments are unique in that board members are unpaid volunteers. Not surprisingly, this means that

Tips for Effective HOA Leadership2021-06-27T08:00:20-05:00

February 2021

How to Be Safe After a Disaster


How to Be Safe After a Disaster The need to file insurance claims and find contractors skyrockets on the heels of severe weather events. Do you and your homeowners find yourselves trying to find reliable,

How to Be Safe After a Disaster2021-02-17T08:00:41-06:00