The Most Common HOA Issues

As with just about any living situation, membership in an HOA has its ups and downs. While there are definite perks (pool time, anyone?), things are not always perfect. When issues arise within the community, it is vital that homeowners and the board are prepared to handle them so they can reach solutions quickly, fairly, and in the best interest of everyone involved.

Although they will vary from association to association, here are a few common issues that may occur, and how to best deal with them:

Problem – Fee Frustration: It’s not uncommon for boards to hear complaints from homeowners about the amount or frequency of assessments. Homeowners may feel that the amount is too high, or they may not understand where their money is going.

Solution – Ask for Details:  If you feel that your monthly dues may be unfair, ask the board for a detailed breakdown that outlines where your fees are distributed each month. This will help you determine whether your money is being put to good use.


Problem – Minimal Maintenance: Homeowners have every right to expect that common areas, landscaping, and other regularly-maintained elements of the HOA are kept to a high standard.

Solution – Communicate: Communication is key if you are having an issue with the level of maintenance the association provides. Some maintenance issues may have been overlooked and can be addressed when brought to the board’s attention.


Problem – Homeowner Conflicts: You can carefully select your HOA, but you can’t choose your neighbors. Whether it’s a problem with a barking dog, loud music, or cooking odors, issues between homeowners are common and are bound to arise in any association.

Solution – Know the Rules: Fielding complaints is a big part of the board’s job and takes up a lot of their time. By familiarizing yourself with the HOA’s rules and regulations, you’ll be able to bring the offense to the board’s attention and be helpful in reaching a swift solution.


Problem – Member Involvement: HOA boards often struggle with fostering a sense of community when homeowners are reluctant to actively participate in the association. This sense of disconnect makes their job more difficult and can be detrimental to the success of the community.

Solution – Get Engaged: You can easily become more involved in your HOA by attending, and encouraging your neighbors to attend, community events. Another great way to get involved is to go to regular board meetings and voice your opinion about the needs of the community.


A Common Goal

In the end, HOA board members and homeowners want the same thing: a safe community and a comfortable, pleasant living environment.


You can make the most of your HOA membership by supporting your board through open communication as you work together to achieve common goals in the best interest of your association. For more helpful tips be sure to visit our HOA management blog.