You may be wondering if an HOA board member can nominate and vote for themselves for a position on the board. The answer is: absolutely! Every member of the HOA has the right to make a nomination for any person that they see fit to fill an open position, without exception. There is no ban on any person nominating themselves.

If a person is qualified and willing to accept a board position, they can be nominated. The idea here is that nobody will get disqualified from nomination simply because there was no one else to nominate them. No one knows you like you know yourself, so, if you think you are qualified for a position on the board and you’re willing to take on the responsibility, then go right ahead!

What About Voting?

Every HOA member gets a vote. If your HOA board is comprised of HOA members, it logically follows that each board member would be able to have a vote in elections. Every HOA member has a right to vote for whomever they see fit, including someone who is not listed on the ballot (there must always be a space for write-ins on the ballot).

Robert’s Rules of Order, which many associations follow, state that all members may participate in voting, including those who are nominated for the office. Furthermore, Robert’s Rules declare that the rule stating that board members cannot vote on matters involving a direct personal interest does not apply to voting in board elections.

Instituting a ban on someone voting for themselves could result in a person who less qualified, or perhaps less willing or enthusiastic, getting voted into a position for which another person may be better-suited.

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Generally speaking, HOA board members are in office for a maximum of two terms. However, individual communities may vary, and so it is important check the governing documents and the association’s bylaws to be clear on what is acceptable in your community.