Make the Most of Your HOA Amenities

Some of the best benefits of living in an HOA community have to do with the amenities offered to members of the association. These benefits can make the community a better place by increasing satisfaction among residents, drawing in high-quality homeowners, and giving members opportunities to get to know one another. All these perks help increase the sense of community felt between members and contribute toward making the HOA a more pleasant place to live.


Using Amenities to Their Full Potential

Many HOAs will find that they don’t need to build a whole new building in order to take some basic steps towards improving the amenities they offer.

An HOA with any shared space, indoor or outdoor, might interest members in regular classes, such as:

  • Yoga groups;
  • Wine tastings;
  • Coffee clubs or book clubs;
  • Group painting classes; or
  • Crafting groups for members of all ages.

These classes can even be taught by members of the community as a cost-effective option that will help members feel more valuable to their community.

Other amenities can be altered in small ways in order to make them more appealing.

For example:

  • HOAs with community parks could consider fencing them in to make them more accessible for pets and young kids.
  • HOAs with community green spaces could add benches or improve landscaping where residents can enjoy a scenic view.
  • On popular walking areas in your community, consider installing dog waste stations with plastic baggies and waste baskets to encourage community members to keep the area tidy.

Adding Amenities

When deciding on what amenities would be desirable to a community, it’s helpful to think about things from a buyer’s perspective. What amenities do other communities in the area have? What would make your HOA community stand out from others? What demographic would certain amenities appeal to?

It’s important to consider the amenities of communities around you so that you can be sure to be a competitive option for new buyers. However, it is also important to do your research on the amenities before they are decided upon. If a buyer feels an amenity is unnecessary, and yet they still have to pay for it in their HOA fees, they are unlikely to choose to live there.

Sometimes an amenity seems like a good idea because no one else in the area has it, but after it is installed, it becomes clear why no one else wanted to pay for it! These are important things to consider before making any decision.

Consider Your Demographics

Other amenities are a good idea for some residents and a bad idea for others. Younger residents will often appreciate eco-friendly measures such as recycling or community gardens. Older residents are more likely to look for places to spend their leisure time. A community where most residents walk, bike, or ride the bus will not appreciate amenities like tire pumps or car washes as much as they might appreciate other things.

It is important to consider which amenities will most appeal to your residents in order to make sure that they are worth implementation.

Cover Your Bases

Lastly, when adding a new amenity, it is crucial to set some limits on what is and isn’t allowed. If your community has an amenity that could potentially be dangerous, such as a pool, it might be a good idea to have residents sign a waiver before using it. Some amenities require legal expertise in order to make sure that they are in accordance with the law and local regulations.


It is always a good idea to consult a good HOA management company for ideas, advice, and tips on improving the amenities in your community. Contact Spectrum Management today for help in making your community a better place to be.