Here at SpectrumAM, we want to do everything we can to help our homeowners enjoy their communities. Now that we have officially hit summer, we know that your communities are likely experiencing situations that tend to be more unique to the summer months, like a higher amenity usage.

One amenity homeowners often have many questions about is their gates. Below, you will find a list of the most commonly asked questions we get from homeowners and their corresponding answers. We hope this will help resolve any lingering questions you have about your gates.

I am new to the community (or our gate system has changed for some reason), and I need to register my gate access remote/fob. What is the process for getting that done?

Whether you are new to the community, need to re-register your gate access device, or your gate system has changed for some reason, gaining access to your gate amenity is fast, simple, and easy.

For new homeowners: if the previous homeowners did not leave their old access devices, and you have not registered an account with us, go here. If you have registered an account with us and need gate access devices, please go here.

Once you have registered and are on your association’s website, go to the gate page, which is under the amenities tab, and please follow the directions on that page to receive a gate access device.

If you are a new homeowner and the old homeowners did, in fact, leave their old access devices, then please complete our gate access waiver. As long as you include the device number, we can reactivate your device remotely.

You can typically expect a 24-hour turnaround for all access device reactivations.

Why do I have to complete a waiver form in order to receive my access device?

There will always be certain risks whenever a large group of people interact on an association’s common property. As a result, a waiver is imperative to protect all the members of an association if someone injures themselves when interacting with the gate system.

My gate fob got demagnetized. How did it happen, and how can I prevent it? What do I do if it happens again?

Gate fobs are usually designed for wear and tear, but occasionally, a homeowner’s best efforts to protect their device go askew.

When a device suddenly no longer works, it’s usually because it was demagnetized. Keep your device away from anything that may have magnets in it, like your phone, wallet, purse, etc. We also encourage you to keep it dry and not take the fob into the pool with you, as this will eventually destroy the inner workings of the device.

Unfortunately, if your fob is demagnetized, then it is destroyed, and you will have to go here to purchase a new one.

I am paying to live in a gated community. So, why are my gates constantly locked open?

The reasons can vary from community to community, but locked open gates are almost always due to wear and tear. Constantly opening and closing a gate shortens the life of the gate substantially, and they are extremely expensive to replace (gates are among the most expensive amenities to maintain).

It is common in virtually every community to have the gates open when people are most likely to be heading to, or from, work and school.

If you live in a new community still under development, then the gates are usually left open for the construction crews, who will be going in and out of the community constantly during the day.

The final reason that gates are left open is to allow community access when bad weather hits. This is for safety purposes and to make sure that homeowners can leave their community even if bad weather causes damage to the gate. Most gates are also designed to lock open automatically in the event of power loss.

We hope these answers clear up any lingering concerns you had about our process, what to do if your fob breaks, and why your gates are sometimes left open.

If you still have questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact us. As a leader in HOA property management, we’re always here to provide as much support as possible.