Everyone knows rain is a good thing, but not everyone knows just how beneficial it is to collect. In our last post, we talked about how an HOA can have a rainwater collection system without ruining the look of the community. This week we wanted to talk about the tremendous benefits you/residents can reap with a water collection system in place. If you’re teetering on the fence about the value of a rainwater collection system, here are three reasons we think it’s worth your time:

  1. It just falls out of the sky! Take advantage of the rainwater pouring off your roof and collect it. Before you dismiss this, it doesn’t matter how frequent (or infrequent) rainfall in your area is. The runoff from a few good storms has the potential to irrigate most or all of your landscaping! Talk about a huge perk, especially during a drought.
  1. It’s better for plants. Rainwater is perfectly suited to nourish plants. Have you ever noticed landscaping looks perkier and greener after good rainstorm? It is because rainwater is full of minerals and microorganisms that plants need, and by collecting rain and using it for irrigation you’ll find plants are healthier and thriving
  1. Savings! No matter how climate-appropriate your landscaping is, all plants need some water. But watering landscaping during the blistering heat of summer can get expensive (and even wasteful!). Using rainwater saves money, and some states even offer incentives for setting up a rainwater collection system! It’s a win-win.

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Collecting rain may seem silly, but if you’re willing to make the investment, we think you’ll enjoy the rewards. With its economic and environmental benefits, you can’t go wrong installing a rainwater collections system. Your HOA will be greener and you’ll save money. Hopefully, we’ve swayed you in support of rainwater harvesting, and on that note we’d like to say – happy collecting!

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