September 2020

Why HOAs Should Follow CDC Guidelines


In a recent article for Crisis Management Update, Employment Law Attorney Stephen Scott warned that businesses who ignore or misapply federal guidance on COVID-19 mitigation may be making a costly mistake.   While CDC guidance

Why HOAs Should Follow CDC Guidelines2020-09-17T15:58:04-05:00

May 2020

An Arizona COVID-19 Update


On March 11, 2020, Arizona Governor Douglas Ducey declared a state of emergency due to COVID-19, a highly contagious virus that can cause severe respiratory illness and death, especially in elderly populations and those with

An Arizona COVID-19 Update2020-05-19T14:55:59-05:00

April 2020

Technology Update 2020 from SpectrumAM


Technology plays an ever-increasing role in our lives, including how we together manage and service your homeowners’ association. SpectrumAM has been very busy with several key technology updates in order to service you and your

Technology Update 2020 from SpectrumAM2020-04-23T12:44:57-05:00

Ensuring FDIC Coverage for Your HOA Community


At SpectrumAM, we continue to work with our associations’ banks to ensure accounts have proper FDIC coverage. We also want to make sure the rates being offered are competitive to the current rates seen elsewhere

Ensuring FDIC Coverage for Your HOA Community2020-04-10T12:02:34-05:00

August 2019

Legislative Update: Texas House Bill 1025


Recently, we published an update to the 2019 Texas Legislative Session. One of the outcomes of that session was the passing of House Bill 1025. So, how does this affect association board members and homeowners?

Legislative Update: Texas House Bill 10252019-09-24T14:25:11-05:00

June 2019

Legislative Update: Texas HOA Legislation in 2019


The 2019 legislative session recently ended, and we at SpectrumAM would like to inform our boards that little was passed that will impact SpectrumAM’s clients or the association management industry in general. Like many bills,

Legislative Update: Texas HOA Legislation in 20192019-06-25T10:59:30-05:00

December 2017

Drones Overhead in Neighborhood Communities


Although it may sound futuristic, camera-equipped, aerial vehicles known as drones are something you’ll likely see used by community associations in the near future. While the Federal Aviation Association (FAA) currently prohibits the use of

Drones Overhead in Neighborhood Communities2018-02-21T11:52:44-06:00
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