Although it may sound futuristic, camera-equipped, aerial vehicles known as drones are something you’ll likely see used by community associations in the near future.

Drones for HOAs

While the Federal Aviation Association (FAA) currently prohibits the use of drones for commercial use, their growing popularity and functionality suggests it’s only a matter of time before the FAA allows them to be used by community associations. With that in mind, let’s take a look at a few ways your association could benefit from drones.

  • Drones can be equipped with sensors to check for hot/cold spots around windows, doors, and on the roof. If building managers are able to catch air leaks, they can save themselves and residents money on heating and cooling.
  • They are perfectly suited for routine fire safety inspections. They could also give the fire department a high-definition view of what’s going on during an actual fire, possibly saving firemen from deadly situations and aiding in search and rescue.
  • They allow inspectors to take high definition photos of high, hard-to-reach areas. This reduces the number of people climbing ladders and the number of falls.
  • Drones also allow community associations to monitor the work being done by contractors. With drones you can make sure the landscaping, painting, plumbing etc. that you’re paying for is being done properly.
  • Managing HOA violations. While this one in particular raises privacy concerns, a drone may allow you to catch obvious violations easily. For example, it would allow you to identify if someone repeatedly leaves trash bins in the driveway or allows garbage to collect in their front yards or doorways. It may also allow you to catch more dangerous violations like a rooftop grill that is against fire code.

So long as drones are used professionally and within regulation, they could offer a lot of exciting opportunities! We hope this quick overview helps you imagine positive ways to utilize this technology in the future.

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