Reconsider Videotaping Meetings

To video or not to video? Just like with running a business, managing an HOA, includes keeping detailed records. Traditionally, taking minutes of HOA meetings are one of the most common ways to record what was discussed or agreed upon. But recently, some HOAs have started to videotape meetings in place of conventional minutes. As with anything, there are pros and cons to this method of keeping records. Before you forgo minutes altogether in favor of video, make sure you weigh the benefits and drawbacks, especially when it comes to liability.


    • Accurate information – A recording eliminates the need to interpret the minutes, and reduces miscommunications and misinformation.
    • Quick turn around and easy to share – After the meeting is over, there’s no need to transcribe meeting notes since everything is already recorded on video. With a digital video format, it’s easy to share with others who weren’t able to make it to the meeting through an online community portal or a private YouTube channel.


    • Leaked information –As with all HOA records, it’s important to protect your meeting recordings. With everyone’s easy access to the Internet and social media, consider the information you’ll be discussing during your meetings. If anything is sensitive, like board members vacation schedules, it may be risky to have that information shared on film.
    • No at-a-glance summary – While video recordings are great for keeping a detailed history of meetings, many times what’s most needed is just a summary of the most important meeting points. Opting for video instead of minutes means there is a lot of playback to sort through just to find the essential parts.
    • Ulterior motives – Also consider disgruntled residents. If someone feels they were wronged by an HOA decision, they may edit the video(s) to make a person or persons look bad. The last thing any community needs is residents waging war on each other in person or on the Internet.


As with any decision, there are two sides to consider. Remember that traditional minutes are still an excellent way to record your meetings, create efficient summaries, and prevent future liability risks. So if you are thinking about switching to videotaping your meetings, you probably want to reconsider.