It’s something that everyone does, sometimes every day – taking out the trash.  Though it’s not something we often think much about, improper trash disposal can lead to unnecessary messes and problems for members of your community.  Here are some tips for keeping garbage properly contained and community trash areas clean.

  1. Tie it up. Make sure all of your garbage is properly contained and in a tied trash bag. Having your trash bag tightly sealed will not only keep odors contained, it will also ensure that no garbage falls out.  No one likes having papers, old food, or other gross garbage blowing around the neighborhood.  It brings down the property value and the overall aesthetic of your community.
  2. Keep it enclosed. Place all of your trash completely inside the dumpster or fully enclosed in your garbage can. This will help to reduce odors and prevent unsightly garbage from being seen around your neighborhood.  Rules like this may seem trivial, but they are intended to improve community aesthetics and protect homeowners.  Trash that is easily accessible attracts wildlife looking for food and thieves who go through trash in search of personal documents.  Plus, your waste disposal company may even not collect trash that is not contained in a proper receptacle.
  3. Follow the rules. If your community utilizes individual garbage cans for each residence (as opposed to community dumpsters), be sure to follow all HOA guidelines for when to take out the can and when to bring it in. These timetables aren’t arbitrary, though it may seem so.  They are designed to keep trashcans out of sight, out of the road, and out of your way.  Also, like we mentioned above, rules to keep trash out of sight are in place to keep wildlife and thieves away. If necessary, ask for variance on trash rules that you find yourself unable to meet.  For example, if you work off-peak hours and require additional time to bring in/take out trash cans.  By asking for variance, you won’t have to risk getting in trouble with the HOA and can still comply with the rules.
  4. Never put hazardous waste in the trash. This includes batteries, paint, electronic devices, fluorescent lamps and tubes, and flammable items. To find out where and how you can safely dispose of these items, as well as a list of other items that shouldn’t be put in the trash, visit
  5. Mind the recycling protocols. Keep recycling bins free of anything and everything that is non-recyclable.  If in doubt as to whether or not something is recyclable, read the label, look it up on the Internet, or err on the side of caution and throw it out.  Loads that are contaminated cannot be serviced.  When you put non-recyclable items in the recycling bin, you increase costs for everyone and risk getting into trouble with your local waste management company.  If the problems are continued, it’s even possible that you’ll lose the opportunity to have recycling in your community.

Following HOA rules regarding trash disposal will ensure that your community remains clean and free from unnecessary debris.  The rules that are in place are often very reasonable and not time consuming.  If everyone follows the guidelines, your neighborhood will remain clean and will continue to be a place that you’re proud to call home.

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