Annual Budget

Planning Ahead

Since homeowners are vested members of the community association, you have the right to see how your membership dues are being spent. Just like your household budget, the association’s annual budget outlines projected income and expenses for the coming year. You can view all the details of your community’s annual budget by logging into your account at

Homeowner Fees

Paying Your Share

A community association is more than just a group of homeowners in the same area. It’s a group of homeowners who each contribute funds (and effort) for the greater good of the community. Homeowner fees are a key element in ensuring that the community remains a wonderful place to live for years to come.

The dues you pay to the association are used for things like:

  • Ôā∑ ¬†Maintenance and utilities for common areas
  • Ôā∑ ¬†Insurance
  • Ôā∑ ¬†Repairs and replacements
  • Ôā∑ ¬†Administrative functions (bookkeeping, taxes, management, etc.)
  • Ôā∑ ¬†Landscape maintenance
  • Ôā∑ ¬†Community events
  • Ôā∑ ¬†Entrance signs and monuments

Think of your fees as an investment in your community’s future that ultimately preserves the investment in your home. Because your association can’t function unless everyone pays their fair share, we encourage you to make the payment of your association fees a priority. Just like with other bills, there may be additional costs for late or unpaid association dues.