With everyone spending more time at home, many homeowners are taking advantage of the opportunity to tackle home improvement projects. A LightStream survey conducted by Wakefield Research this May found that 73% of the 1,300 U.S. homeowners surveyed are planning to complete home improvement projects in 2020.

When Bank of America polled 1,054 Americans, they received similar results, finding that over 70% of these homeowners are planning improvements for their homes.

As any board member knows, a lot of home improvement projects means a lot of home improvement requests. Luckily, your team at SpectrumAM is here to help get these requests approved and get homeowners started on their improvements. One of the most prominent ways we assist with home improvement requests is through our ACC One-Touch program.

For associations using ACC One-Touch, home improvement requests that are evident approvals or denials are completed automatically. An ACC coordinator will review and respond to the request, typically within 48 hours of the homeowner’s submission, without the ACC or board needing to do anything. This can improve your community’s response time to improvement requests by 85%.

So, how does this work? When a community signs up for ACC One-Touch, the ACC coordinator works with the HOA to create guidelines that explain how the requests included in the One-Touch process should be treated. Only the requests in these guidelines will be pre-authorized for ACC coordinators to automatically complete.

The types of requests typically included in ACC One-Touch guidelines are general property maintenance requests or common improvement requests. General property maintenance includes replacing worn-down items (such as fencing or paint) with a replacement that’s exactly the same. Homeowners who are replanting their flowerbeds, repainting their doors, or refinishing their decks would fall into this category.

The other type of request that’s perfect for ACC One-Touch is common improvement requests that clearly comply with the rules in the CC&Rs. These can include installing solar panels, building sheds, planting trees, or adding outdoor lighting, depending on your community’s specific rules.

Each month, the HOA will receive a report that includes all the requests that were processed for the community. You’ll probably be amazed at all the work the board and the ACC didn’t need to do!

If your community has signed up for ACC One-Touch already, then cheers to you and your board for making your neighbors’ lives so much easier. If your community has not signed up for this amazing service, what are you waiting for? The best time to sign up would have been when you first became a Spectrum Association Management customer, but the second best time is now! Please reach out to your community manager to see how easy it is to get started.