Over the years we’ve worked with many successful HOAs, and one of the things they all have in common is a strong volunteer base. Having people who are willing to volunteer can make all the difference for your HOA.

Below are five ways your HOA can promote positive volunteering:

  1. Be organized. People are busy, so it is really important that you keep things clear and organized so volunteers can spend their time getting the assigned task done, not trying to figure out they’re supposed to do. Not surprisingly, disorganization is one of the fastest ways to run off volunteers.
  2. Connect and communicate. Take time to get to know people. Even the most altruistic people are more likely to volunteer if they are asked in person. That being said, people are busy and in this day of social media and online connectedness, it’s important to leverage social media! Be intentional with how you use it and make signing up for volunteer positions available online. You’ll be amazed at how much easier securing volunteers becomes.
  3. Be clear. Set clear expectations and guidelines for volunteer positions. Outline time commitments and projects so homeowners can decide if they can commit to the project. Also, take time to be flexible and adjust the scope of work if finding someone to volunteer is proving difficult.
  4. Appeal to strengths and teach. Sometimes communities get lucky and have volunteers who know exactly what skills they have to offer. More often, though, people are unsure of they are equipped to help and they let nerves stop them from volunteering. Don’t turn away people who are unsure of what to do, instead offering trainings! The time investment of training is worth the return. You’ll have capable volunteers who are confident and ready to help.
  5. Thank Them! Second to disorganization, not showing respect and appreciation for volunteers is one of the fastest ways to deter them. Remember, there is no pay, these people have jobs and families. If they are going to give you their time your board needs to make sure they feel recognized and appreciated. It is amazing how a simple thank you and handshake can really go a long way.

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Remember – be proactive and positive with volunteers. Once a community has a bad reputation with volunteers, it’s harder and harder to get help and it will be difficult to bounce back.  Since volunteers are one of the best ways to get things done in your community, invest the time and resources to build a strong volunteer base. We promise your community will benefit.

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