September 2017

Weeding Out Your Yard

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Nothing ruins a beautiful, well-manicured summer lawn like weeds. From those ugly ones that have thorn-like leaves to the tall, unsightly ones that demand to be seen, weeds are an equal opportunity annoyance. As an HOA board, it’s important to remember that one weed here or there isn’t going to hurt curb appeal, but if [...]

Improving Quorum for Your Meetings

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Most board members, and even homeowners, have heard the word “quorum”. However, many don’t understand it or its importance for doing HOA business. In case you’re not familiar with the definition, a quorum is a minimum number of board members and residents in attendance at an HOA meeting. Unless the quorum is reached, meeting business [...]

Rule Skirting and How to Avoid it in Your HOA

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Let’s be honest – every HOA struggles with residents who skirt the rules. Sometimes it’s a one-time thing, and other times it’s chronic. No matter what rules are being broken, every HOA needs to address the issues without coming across like “that” HOA who enforces a rule so absurd it receives national attention. Since no [...]

Avoid Misunderstandings about Dues

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Across the country people are wondering how and where their HOA dues are being used. It’s a good question to ask, but it also one that an HOA board should be able to answer quickly and easily. To reduce miscommunication with homeowners, the board first needs to understand these things about HOA dues and openly [...]

August 2017

Social Media Best Practices for HOA’s

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With the growing use of social media and its unique ability to bring people together, most businesses, including HOAs, are using various platforms to more effectively do business. As an HOA, your board should explore the use of social media platforms to foster communication, establish neighborly connections, and strengthen the sense of community.  But, before [...]

Time for Back to School

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Summer vacation is slowly coming to an end, and back-to-school season is already here.  You may be wondering what heading back to school and your HOA have in common, and it’s more than you would expect. Most parents in your community are probably always juggling school, work schedules, and the extracurricular activities that come with [...]

HOA Board Liability

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As a board member you obviously care about your community and its well-being – good for you! Your community will benefit from your dedication and personal investment. But something you and your fellow board members should consider is personal liability for accidents that happen on association property.  Generally, individual board members aren’t found liable. However, [...]

Preparing for Hurricane Season

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It’s summertime, and hurricane season is upon us through late fall. Texas coastal communities face the greatest threat from hurricane events, but inland communities are also impacted when one of these storms occurs. Therefore, it’s important to know what to do during hurricane season, and preparing your community can make all the difference when and [...]

Millennials and New HOA Demographics

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As millennials begin families and start to settle down, they are becoming one of the largest groups of home-buyers. From 2010-2015 the percentage of millennials moving into San Antonio homes went up 14.4%. That makes San Antonio the second most popular metro area for millennial home-buyers! While some HOAs are already making the move toward [...]

Managing Your Vendors in an HOA Community

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As a board member, you are responsible for many aspects of your association. One of these tasks is selecting projects to complete and the vendors who will work on these projects. Whether it’s scheduling routine pool maintenance or arranging for new trees to be planted in the community park. Below are some step-by-step tips for [...]